Inspiration for the coming months

I feel transported to a completely different life, which isn’t completely untrue because everything here is different from Oslo. Feeling less like a fish out of water and seeing familiar faces everywhere has absolutely changed my entire experience here at Tufts. I have a strong feeling that my sophomore year will be much better than last year.

I am super excited about all my classes, which should not be taken for granted. I’m studying US foreign policy until 1900, History of Europe until 1800, and Microeconomics. However, the class I am most excited about (and actually had to interview for- whaat) is Narrative & Documentary practice. Our first assignment is to find a local High School Homecoming with a game, dance, Homecoming king and queen- basically the whole American Deal- and document it. I never had this experience, but I guess better late than never, right.

So on the whole things are looking very good. That is except the food. Its been one week and I am already tired of dining hall food. Clau (my roommate) and I just bought a fridge for the room but I am still so nervous about what I’m going to eat all the time. Or I’ll be honest and say I’m worried about how I’m going to eat all my green vegetables when all I want to eat is Chia pudding and salami sandwiches… To pump myself up a little for eating delicious and healthy food this semester I’ve scoured my lightroom for inspiration, and ALAS I found so. much. Prepare to be hungry guys. All these pictures are from Marbella, Spain.

Food-08802 Food-08803 Food-08806Funny story: I actually loved these glass mugs from the Organic Restaurant and Bakery so much that I bought from them. They elevate any green juice or smoothie, and are just oh-so picture worthy.Food-08814Pineapple, Mint, and green apple juice (all organic). Behind you see Monte Mayor, the mountain our neighborhood is names after. Food-08822Food-08827 A cheese board for appetizer: Food-08857My favorite thing about Spanish cuisine is the simplicity but the extraordinary tastes derived from the fresh ingredients. We used olive oil in every dish we prepared, whether it was searing these vegetables on the grill with salt, pepper, and garlic- or making the Ajo Blanco soup (almond, garlic & bread soup) which you see peeking out on the right.Food-08859 Not everything on the menu was healthy: Bellota ham is the most spanish of all spanish foods, and incidentally my favorite one. I’ll be dreaming of this from my dorm room, or drooling over this at the local delicatessen while my student budget makes me cry.Food-08860 Food-08867 Food-08869 Food-08871This next dish looks a little funky so let me explain: Spicy Mango Salsa. Ok I explained. If you want any recipes leave a comment below!Food-08872 Marbella-08790 Marbella-08792 Marbella-08873I know this is completely unrelated to food, but I wanted to share the colors of post-sunset Monte Mayor. Marbella-08874 Marbella-08876 See the white box by the street beneath the white house? One night we saw a wild black boar hanging out in this area. Maybe he could smell that we were eating Iberico Ham (which comes from wild black boars)… They have huge tusks and can be pretty dangerous, but luckily there was some distance between us.Marbella-08877 My two favorite people in the whole world:Marbella-08880 I’m probably dreaming of the dessert in this picture.Marbella-08899Definitely dreaming of dessert. Marbella-08901 Marbella-09050 Dessert:Marbella-09076 Marbella-09094 Marbella-09100 Marbella-09103 Marbella-09113Every food-lover like me needs some way to stay healthy (otherwise I would be a blueberry you’d have to roll from the dinner table every night), and the hills in Marbella are perfect for hiking and running! A couple that works out together, stays together, right? However, I am not in Marbella this fall which means I have to find some other way to stay in shape. SO I signed up for a Step Aerobics class with the most hilarious ‘Bahstun’ teacher who looks like she came out of an 80s work-out video (neon top included), and Intro to Ballet, because I could definitely use more grace in my life. But to be honest its just because I could never motivate myself to hit the gym otherwise…  Marbella-09127Food-08829

I realize that this post was about lots of different things, but I hope you’ve been able to bear with me. Again, if you want any recipes just comment below!