The Love / Hate List

Today I’m flying back to Boston. It seems surreal that I have already spent a year at Tufts University. In Boston everything I knew became unfamiliar and everyone I knew scattered to different parts of the world. One year has passed, yet it seems like I am right where I started but also eons away. I created this list after being in Boston for half a semester, but for some reason it became buried in my Draft pile. In light of my return I wanted to share this with you.

Here is the Hate/Love list:


1.Variety- there are so. many. options. I never knew choosing a toothpaste or eyeliner could be difficult, but the other day I spent 10 minutes finding one eyeliner amongst 100 different types. It was a struggle.
2. The people. On the whole people here are very friendly. You don’t get weird looks if you strike up a conversation with someone, as you absolutely would in Scandinavia.
3. The seafood. Boston is famous for it, and now I know why. (but always ask the MP for Lobster. I had to pay $70 for a lobster dinner last fall because I ignorantly forgot to ask. That is a mistake I will never repeat.)
4. Everything is open late!
5. The Charles River.
6. The delicatessen Cardullo’s at Harvard square. In fact;
7. Harvard square. Very hip, and has some wonderful restaurants and cafes- Crema and Beats Hotel are some favorites.
8. Stores are open on Sundays!! This means we can get on with our days, and not stay confined to our dorm rooms or tiny apartments.


1. Swamp weather. Leaving your room after perfecting your makeup and turning into a sweaty mess is (perhaps) the worst thing about Boston.
2. U.S. Legal paper. What is this shitty square paper?
3. Drinking age is 21. Really U.S? I can buy a gun and drive a car but I can’t drink a glass of wine at a restaurant.
4. The crazy air conditioning! This was mostly relevant a few weeks ago when there was a heat stroke. The difference between the inside and outside temperatures was MUCH higher than the recommended 2 degrees C. I don’t approve.
5. Lack of licorice. I’m gonna need to stack up when I go home…

Boston Photography-01530tufts president lawn-01866tufts university-01871 tufts-01867 tufts university-01903 tufts university-01894 tufts university-01891Boston Photography-01529 Boston Photography-01527 Tufts Homecoming-01498 Tufts Homecoming-01494 Tufts Homecoming-01491 Tufts Homecoming-01486 Handsome Man-01827 BU clock-01428 Boston University Friends Boyfriend-01574  Boston University Friends Boyfriend-01572 Boston University Friends Boyfriend-01571 Boston University Friends Boyfriend-01570

I wonder how my list after this coming year will look like…


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