Architecture on the French Riviera

You know you’ve arrived in Nice when you see pink buildings and the bright blue sky.  Img_20150731@04_03

Once Upon a Time in Chateau de La Napoule:

Img_20150801@09_31-4Henry and Marie Clews, a wealthy couple from New York, rebuilt and remodeled the Chateau in Mandelieu and infused the estate with their artistic and eccentric personalities. Their lives personify mysticism and fairy tales, which makes “Once Upon a Time” very fitting words to have over their main entrance.  Henry Clews came from a New York aristocratic family, but despising the bourgeoisie (even more than he hated feminism) he moved to southern France to pursue an artistic life away from his art critics and the corrupt rich. I can’t decide if I like this guy or not. He was a product of his time, but misogyny  is never ok. This photo below is of the ceiling of their large dining room, and if you look closely you will see that there are indeed cards glued to the ceiling. Img_20150801@10_01Img_20150801@10_01-3The story of Henry and Marie Clews ends like this: their coffins, designed by Henry, had “doors” which were slightly ajar so their souls could meet each other in the after light. It is rumored that every 100 years their souls meet in the secret room in the top of the tower under which they are buried.Img_20150801@10_24I found this gem in Cannes and think I must stay there one day. Img_20150801@11_06Nice in the morning:Img_20150805@04_09-3Img_20150805@05_46I think they tried for Vogue, but fell a little short.Img_20150805@04_25Img_20150805@06_17

Now I am wishing I was back on the French Riviera…