Focus on Accessories

The perfect outfit I can imagine is one where a bold accessory takes the spotlight. Over the last few years I have tried to acquire as many of these accessories as possible, which has in turn made my closet full of feathers, sequins, silks, and sky-high heels. I’m 5’11 but don’t think that will stop me from wearing some fabulous shoes. Luckily, I have a wonderful and supportive boyfriend who encourages me to wear heels, even if I’m taller than him. Michael Kors wouldn’t be happy with me; according to him a closet should be “30% meat and 70% potatoes.” I think my collection is more like 60/40, but he doesn’t have to know. For my day out in Oslo, however, I chose to wear flat shoes that were better suited to the lunch and museum visit we had planned. Ironically, the blisters I got from these new shoes made them hurt more than heels. It doesn’t matter, they were worth it.Img_20150806@08_56-6Img_20150806@08_55-4

I found these shoes in the FABI store on Via del Corso in Rome last spring, but because they are so particular I haven’t been able to wear them much since then. The shoes are made of leather, satin, and white and black (faux) studded pearls.Img_20150806@08_56-3

I recently bought this jewel of a coat in Madrid. I had packed for 30 degrees weather but when we arrived it was 15 degrees and drizzling rain. Biggest weather letdown I have ever experienced. My mom and I were cold for 2 days straight. We found this coat (blue/grey for her and emerald for me) on the last day in Madrid so it didn’t help too much against the cold, but better late than never, right? The lining is a luxurious green silk that makes the coat feel like satin against the skin. It is absolutely my new favorite staple piece. Img_20150806@08_56-12What I’m wearing: Coat: Max & Co.; Pants: Noir ; Shoes: Barracuda, Top: Maje; Bag: StellaImg_20150806@08_57-8Img_20150806@08_56-10Img_20150806@08_55-9Img_20150806@08_56-11Img_20150806@08_55-10



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