Sun and Wine

I love Oslo. In my mind, it is one of the best places to live – minus the weather. In early June there was one, maybe two, good days with sun. The rest of the month I spent there was 10 degrees C and rainy… But this one day with sun was one of my best days there, not least because I spent it with people I care about.wb samson-07713HannaLaird-07743 HannaLaird-07744 itsavogueworld-07777 grunerlokka-07775 itsavogueworld-07799  itsavogueworld-07796 itsavogueworld-07786itsavogueworld-07801 itsavogueworld-07802 itsavogueworld-07806 itsavogueworld-07810 Kolonihagen-07735  Oslo-07662 wb samson-07672-2  wb samson-07697 wb samson-07692


2 thoughts on “Sun and Wine

    • Nora Nord

      Hi! I use a Sony Alpha 7s with a 35 mm lens for most of the pictures, and occasionally use pictures taken by my mom, who uses a Leica. The Sony is absolutely wonderful. Compared to a DSLR it is much lighter and easier to carry around, and the pictures often turn out better. The light sensitivity on the 7s is amazing, so I never have to use flash (which is not built in). If you have any more questions just ask :)

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