We ate at Villa Paradiso and the name says it all.

I was finally able to catch up with Anna this week. I have missed that Danish girl more than I can articulate, and I’m sure our restaurant neighbors laughed internally at our entire catch-up conversation. I’m not surprised though, there are a lot of hilarious, embarrassing, sad, and awesome things that happen in one year. As per usual we ordered bread and butter, but in this case it was fresh (WARM) focaccia with home-made butter.  grunerlokka-07585

I just ate dinner but I’m hungry again just by looking at this pizza. The crust was the perfect amount of burned, the center warmed by the fire.grunerlokka-07587 grunerlokka-07591 grunerlokka-07597   grunerlokka-07603Waiting for her “soy latte med ekstra skum vær så snill :) ” grunerlokka-07604  grunerlokka-07608  grunerlokka-07615 The diva hair flip move: grunerlokka-07616 grunerlokka-07617    grunerlokka-07630 grunerlokka-07632grunerlokka-07605


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