Home Again

It feels surreal to be finished with one year of college. I haven’t quite processed everything yet, but when I do I’ll be sure to tell you. That being said, there are a few things I am completely sure of. Like how “college” was not the college I had anticipated. Yes, there were days I slept in the library, and days where I had nothing to do. There were frat parties with cheap (free) beer and sticky floors and hilarious memories. There were people to meet and places to see, and ideas to digest and heavy thoughts to ponder. And yet, I can’t say that it was what I expected. It was so much more vivid and saturated.

In some ways it was better, in others worse. I hadn’t expected to feel so alone. That was the one thing that surprised me. Halfway through my first semester I had made 500 facebook friends, but not one I gravitated to in reality. It was difficult at times to cope with isolation in a foreign place, especially because I had expected (quite unrealistically) to meet a group of amazing people and become best friends in just a few months. And some people do experience that, but the high expectations mean the majority of us are left with a void where we think our best friends should fit. I forgot that the deep friendships I had forged at home were built over 6 years, not 6 weeks.

There were amazing things that happened as well. I was able to visit New York not once, but three times! I saw Montreal. I experienced five snow days. I drank wine and vodka and noodles with Daniel and his roommates for the first snowday, and we did flips into the street after the massive snowfall. I fell in love with Middle Eastern history. I learned about things I had never before considered- like Islam and Gender (isolates experiences). I found out that I am bad at math, but love economics, history, and photography. I became addicted to Yoga. I joined a sorority!

Joining Chi Omega was probably- no definitely- the best decision I made at Tufts. I rushed second semester and after that things really fell in place. I met some amazing people and saw Tufts through a different perspective. I felt like I belonged somewhere- albeit I still sticking out with my heels and bejeweled coat(s) and awkward lack of knowledge for slang and/or American culture. I still feel very much like a foreigner, but this is the state I thrive in most, being a TCK and all. I met Katherine, the best friend I made at Tufts. Our conversations about books, traveling, and photography have been a constant nourishment to me, and our mutual love for Yoga has saved me, both mentally and physically this year. The Boston winter was a bitch, and standing on sidewalks next to snow piles taller than me was ridiculously sad. But now spring has arrived, and soon summer will too.

I have 4 months before school starts again, and therefore four months to explore everything I have wanted to, yet have lacked to time to. I’m dedicating these months to reading, working out, eating healthy, exploring, learning, and everything that falls in between.

Bekkestua-07266The first thing I did in Oslo was treat myself to a haircut and some highlights, which is perfect for the summer days to come. I swear by Komité in Frogner. They are simply the best and most educated when it comes to perfecting hair, and after trying almost all the stylists  I can’t say there is a weak link. I always leave with a huge smile on my face. This time I even had to take a not-so-shameful selfie. Bekkestua-07294I have been living off green juice, avocado toast, and tea for the last few days. I’m trying to shake that post-exam post-flight illness that crept up a few days ago. So far, so good! Bekkestua-07289Avocado toast is super easy to make, but having the right ingredients is key. Make sure the bread is fresh and of high quality. Slice avocado and layer it on top toasted bread. Drizzle with a high quality olive oil and sprinkle with salt flakes and freshly ground pepper. Voilà, the perfect meal! Add a cup of coffee and green juice with that and you start the day in a perfect way.Bekkestua-07297 Bekkestua-07255

The chocolate my parents brought back to me from Svalbard looks like it belongs in a Tiffany store. These little pieces of goodness are the perfect compliment to my afternoon coffee.Bekkestua-07251 Bekkestua-07258Bekkestua-07323

Today my mom and I went on a major “juicing spree” and cleared the isles of organic fruits and vegetables. I will upload another post in the near future with the recipe for this amazing juice. It is simply the best. Bekkestua-07249Bekkestua-07302 Bekkestua-07305 Bekkestua-07313 Bekkestua-07310  Bekkestua-07329The newest addition to our family. Welcome home, Leo.Bekkestua-07247Bekkestua-07254


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