Spring Fling

Spring Fling-07116

Wearing my Chi O spring fling gear. Our symbol is the skull and owl, hence the flash tat skulls on my wrists (and my insistence of getting 1000 + selfies of me doing peace signs :’) 

This spring Tufts welcomed a “powerhouse female line up” which included Lauren Lane (recently performed at Coachella), Misterwives (remember the summer hit “Reflections”), and the headliner: Kesha. This is pretty impressive, especially for a campus which supports gender equality but since the concert’s conception in 1980 has only had one female headliner in 1983…

We were lucky with the amazing weather which allowed Tufts students to show off all their different Spring Fling shirts. What I loved about this day was that every group on campus had their own shirt. It proved that students don’t need to be a part of Greek life to ‘belong’ somewhere. Greek life is just another option among countless dozens. Needless to say, there was glitter everywhere. On faces, in hair, on shirts, even shot out through canons during the concert ~glitter everywhere~.

I carried my camera with my everywhere on Saturday morning, but unfortunately I was too afraid to bring it to the concert. If you (really) want to see a picture of Kesha, click here. But we all know the best pictures are those taken of friends and loved ones. Also, take note of the amazing donut floaty and the bounce castle! The day was a whirlwind of fun. Parties started at 9 in the morning and Kesha came on at 3:30, which gave plenty of time to run around campus, dance with friends, and show off the sick spring fling gear. And yes, I am referring to my fanny pack. If anyone ever told me I would wear a fanny pack in college, I would laugh at you. He He, look at how things change!

Spring Fling (1 of 5) Spring Fling (18 of 25)I have no artistic skills, as proved by my appalling decoration of this water bottle. Lucky Daniel got to show it off all day :PSpring Fling (10 of 25)Katherine’s big and best friend Maria visited for the weekend! It was so amazing to meet the Lithuanian beauty. She studied in UCL for a year and was able to give me lots of information about it. News update: I’m planning on studying in London for a year during my Junior year, hopefully also at UCL!

Spring Fling (3 of 25) Spring Fling-07049This shot of Katherine has to be my favorite one from Spring Fling. It sums up the day perfectly, no explanation necessary.Spring Fling (8 of 25)With my big Lily and her twin (in spirit) Isabella!Spring Fling (15 of 25)Spring Fling-07117 Spring Fling (21 of 25) Spring Fling (25 of 25) Spring Fling-07102Spring Fling-07112Spring Fling (23 of 25)Spring Fling-07188  Spring Fling-07133Let me clarify: Chi Omega uses the greek letters 𝚾 and 𝛀, which we translated to Emoji language. Whoever thought of this had a stroke of brilliance.Spring Fling-07151 Spring Fling-07157 Spring Fling-07092This is pretty embarrassing, but too damn good to not share. My face is constantly contorted like this; I don’t know how…   it just ‘happens’? Spring Fling-07191 Spring Fling-07135

I think this is one of my favorite days from my spring semester. Just 11 more days in Boston now, but this Saturday will be on my mind constantly when I’m back in Norway. It is sad to end the semester, but also a relief (or will be a relief once finals are over), and Spring Fling was the perfect way to wrap up this crazy, scary, demanding, emotional, and fun semester. Thanks to everyone who made this day amazing, and shoutout to Daniel for taking so many of these pictures!


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