Boston in DVF


This story has a bitter beginning but a happy ending.

I was sitting at Starbucks last Wednesday working on my history essay. My nerves were everywhere, the essay was shit, and I had heaps of work in front of me. I ordered a tall coffee with splenda (because the only thing that could fuel me at that point was caffeine), but before I knew what was happening the coffee had spilled all over my computer keyboard. I travelled to Boston ($20 uber -.- ) to get my computer delivered to the Apple Store before my 1:30 class, but they were completely hopeless and couldn’t help me at all. I ended up missing both my classes that day, and felt like a complete wreck.

It was during all this despair and tangled nerves that I walked past a DVF sample sale on Newbury street. Sample Sales Never happen in Boston, but DVF was filming an episode for its reality tv series “House of DVF” so they set up the sale to have something to film. I secretly hoped I would be on camera but I kept circling the tiny store in search of the perfect pieces. Imagine: 80% sale and 50 women in one tiny store. The changing room was just one big room with women trying on different things in all corners. It was a mess, but it was also amazing.

Amidst all the cameras and DVF girls (who all looked impeccable) were shoppers like myself just trying to find the best pieces at the ridiculously low prices. After trying on half the store I had to limit my 10 beautiful finds to 2. In the end I opted for a chiffon star-printed gown with a deep v-neck, and a beautiful embellished navy coat. I have yet to wear the gown but I’ve worn my coat several times and I want to show you how it looks! Montreal-17Coat: DVF, Shoes: Black suede Ugg sneakers, Bag: Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Shirt: Zara, Jeans: Rag & Bone

Montreal-3MontrealI was only able to capture a fraction of the pure beauty of the Charles in these pictures, but imagine you are standing right there by the water. You are surrounded by both calm and crazy, a crisp breeze flutters through your hair and the smell of the blossoming flowers wafts lightly in the air like a sheet of silk that envelops everything.   Montreal-4Montreal-9 These pictures were impromptu. Daniel, Kelsey, and I walked from Copley to Kenmore Square after their AKPsi alumni lunch near Haymarket, and the sun was going down and everything around us was beautiful. Thank you Daniel for taking the pictures of me in front of the water.Montreal-2Montreal-14 I typically prefer more form-fitting and classic coats, but I am in love with this oversized coat. The embellishments are absolutely stunning and they make the coat edgy and interesting. Its not something you wear when you want to stay quietly in the background, and you know what, sometimes it is okay to stick out of the crowd. Montreal-15

At the end of the week I had 1) one broken computer; 2) a new favorite coat; 3) some amazing memories with friends; 4) a deeper appreciation for the Charles river; 5) a few paper extensions that I needed but paid a hefty price for and; 6) realized how much I love photography and fashion, and decided that I have to do what I love and not feel ashamed of it. Okay, I may never be a banker or engineer but that doesn’t mean I won’t be successful and happy.

So as I promised in the beginning of the post, this is a happy ending.



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