Gull Snitt: Photography Awards

It is not everyday that your mother is invited to an awards ceremony for Norway’s most prestigious photography awards. But on the 20th of March, she was. Luckily, she was allowed to bring her loving entourage -Pappa, Kirsten and I- and although everyone loved her work we were her absolute # 1 fans.

Below is a picture from the category “Fashion and Cosmetics”. It seemed that every category was called before my mom’s “New Photographers” was introduced. Gullsnitt is an awards show that praises the giants of the industry, the photographers who have been doing both commercial and self-inspired work for years. The fact that my mom even receiving an award was an accomplishment in itself. It means she is taken seriously by some of Norway’s best photographers.


Waiting in anticipation for her category to be called up…Gullsnitt-06944For the artistic event, I decided to dress (perhaps) a bit more strangely than usual. And I loved it. I bought these brouges by barracuda in Rome, and this was my first time wearing them. Black and white pearls over satin? I’m constantly surprised  by what works. Because they’re such statement pieces, I opted to go with a simpler outfit to tone down the look. I wore my favorite high-waisted J Brand blue denim jeans, a by malene birger black silk shirt, a Filippa K black woolen blazer, and to top it all off,  my black wool Rag & Bone hat. I highly recommend investing in a high quality blazer because it goes with absolutely everything. There is a reason they call it a staple piece.  The blazer fits nicely over almost every dress I own, with jeans like I’m wearing it here, or even with shorts and some bejeweled and fun sandals. You would think that wool makes it itchy and too warm, but it is quite the opposite. Wool is a self-cleansing material that barely smells, and this means less dry-cleaning & hello  more savings!Gullsnitt-06940barracuda-06942Gullsnitt-06935Gullsnitt-06932

These shoes are a fun twist on the classic brogue and prove that women can pull off this shoe design just as well, if not better, than men. Its not like any college guy ever in the US would wear leather shoes. Except Daniel, and thats why I’m dating him (and you know other reasons as well but shoes > personality).  Back to talking about the shoes: I’m thinking they will go superbly with my short silk plum colored dress and this blazer. Or perhaps with a classic black pencil shirt and tight crop top. There are many possibilities friends, many possibilities!

Gullsnitt-06936~trying to be artistic~

Now for the exciting stuff: Here are my mom’s pictures being shown to an “ooing” and “awwing” crowd.

Gullsnitt-06947 Gullsnitt-06949 Gullsnitt-06951I am so proud of her, and the way she has passionately pursued what she loves. Here are the pictures she submitted. Taken in Myanmar, January 2014:

Img_20140115@02_00-3 Img_20140115@02_01 Img_20140115@10_41 Img_20140119@09_16 Img_20140119@09_20-6 Img_20140122@10_17




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