Favorite Spots in Boston

Trident Cafe on Newbury Street.

Whenever I have a huge assignment to complete I go there. With breakfast foods served all day, lots of freshly squeezed juices, and large booths where I can spread out my stuff, it makes for the perfect study space. Plug in earphones and listen to pumped up work music. Its practically a place made for churning out essays. Best part: its open until 12- perfect for us college students.

ps- its also great for not studying. With a massive collection of magazines, interesting books, and fun gadgets you can simply spend time soaking in the place.

Trident Cafe-05695 Trident Cafe-05690 Trident Cafe-05691

Beat Hotel In Harvard Square

Brunch, Cocktails, and Dinner:

Beat Hotel-05742 Beat Hotel-05737 Beat Hotel-05734 Beat Hotel-05729 Beat Hotel-05725 Beat Hotel-05705 Beat Hotel-05717 Beat Hotel-05720 Beat Hotel-05721 Beat Hotel-05723 Beat Hotel-05716 Beat Hotel-05714 Beat Hotel-05724

Somerville Theatre

The old-school vibe and quaintness of this theatre makes it the perfect college sweet spot. Think movie theatres a la the 60s. Thick red velvet curtains and gold statues ornate the walls in the main theater. Its glamorous, cute, and friendly all at the same time. Not to mention it has the best ticket prices in all of Boston. I definitely recommend a visit.

Davis Square-05549

My Dorm

It may sound lame, but my dorm room is actually one of my favorite spots here. It is my own space where I can breathe and take a break from hectic college life. Dorm Life-05560Dorm Life-05559   Dorm Life-05571


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