Family Matters

There are so many pictures I’m dying to show you guys. Today, these topped the list.

My parents and little sister came to visit Boston in the fall. For some reason, they found amazing prices at the Four Seasons and I got to stay in a room with my sister. I could FINALLY soak in a bathtub and have a bathroom all to myself. It was glorious. No more flip flops, no more dining hall food (although-yes- it can be delicious) but best of all, the presence of my wonderful family – minus my brother. Contrary to what you may be thinking, we did in fact not vegetate all weekend. Here are some highlights from the first days:

Parents Weekend-02135 Parents Weekend-02136Parents Weekend-02202Parents Weekend-02197

Shirt: spontaneous buy at Zara, Jeans: Rag & Bone, Sneakers: Ugg. Below: Lunch at Bar Boulud.Parents Weekend-02187 Parents Weekend-02185 Parents Weekend-02183 Parents Weekend-02182 Parents Weekend-02177 Parents Weekend-02175 Parents Weekend-02172 Parents Weekend-02171 Parents Weekend-02169Parents Weekend-02152

We went to the Chanel store, just for kicks. Turns out their bathrooms are insanely awesome. A beautiful beige and salted marble covered all surfaces except for the two mirrors on either side of the room. They even had their own drying cloth with the Chanel logo… And so of course I thought, “Selfie Time!!!”

Parents Weekend-02166 Parents Weekend-02164 Parents Weekend-02163Parents Weekend-02157Parents Weekend-02151Parents Weekend-02146 Parents Weekend-02144 Parents Weekend-02142 Parents Weekend-02150 Parents Weekend-02149 Parents Weekend-02141 Parents Weekend-02137 Parents Weekend-02138


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