Birthday Celebration

This year I didn’t want to go all out with my birthday. Nineteen is an awkward age to turn, so I didn’t feel particular excited about it. That being said, Daniel and I are traveling to New York for Valentines Day and Daniel’s birthday, so that will be my real birthday treat.

I want to tell you guys about our restaurant deal. Daniel and I are a couple who always split the bill equally. Why should the man pay for everything? We’re students and the burden of going out to eat on our wallets is so much lighter when the bill is split in half. If Daniel paid every time, we would go 50% less than we do now. Gender equality, guys. Its important, and you can make it more prevalent in your life by doing the same.

The evening was spent at no massive celebration, but dinner at one of my favorite restaurants here in Boston, Bar Boulud in the Mandarin Oriental. For an upscale restaurant, their prices are very good. They serve French Cuisine a la Daniel Boulud, and have a great cocktail and wine list. The atmosphere is cozy but sophisticated, and as they opened last Fall everything is brand new. Basically, I highly recommend it.

I purposely asked Daniel to hold his hand on the table. This is a power position. His hand is large and his face firm and determined. I really like this shot.Bar Boulud Birthday-05504Bar Boulud Birthday-05507

Meanwhile, I smile and tilt my head. I’m currently taking and English course called “Love and Sexuality.” In our first class we discussed the effect of gender stereotyping on advertising and how women pose to make themselves appear weak, timid, frail, and essentially what we have come to consider as “feminine.” Great. Now I need to reconsider all my moves.

Bar Boulud Birthday-05511

Escargot a lá Bar Boulud. Delicious!  Bar Boulud Birthday-05514

Oh hey look at that, I am tilting my head. So basically, everything I had learned in class went out the window when I took this picture. This will take some adjusting.

Bar Boulud Birthday-05517

For our date night I decided to wear a dark blue silk Theory dress. This is a closet staple that always works. Because I always get chilly I also wore my versatile Filippa K blazer. I say versatile because I used this the entire time I was working as a hotel receptionist this summer. I am a huge fan of pieces that can be translated from one outfit to the next. Investing in a solid blazer is worth it. Do it! I’m also wearing black suede booties (which go with everything) and of course my stella McCartney bag which I have used almost everyday for a year now, since my last birthday.

Bar Boulud Birthday-05524

Have a lovey sunday everyone! In the meantime, I promise I’ll continue working on my stronger poses. Maybe Daniel can teach me a thing or two about looking like you rule the world.


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