Reasons You Should Visit Oslo, Norway

My typical advice to anyone looking to travel to Norway is go in the summer. Yet, I feel like I’m partly deceiving people when I say this. Norway is just as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer. You just need to go to the right places, and most importantly, with the right people. I just came back to Boston after spending close to three weeks in my home country, and the feeling I’m left with now is a warm, affectionate one. I’m loving Norway more and more. My next few blog posts will cover my stay in Norway. Hopefully though my pictures and writing I’ll be able to convince you why it is such a wonderful place, and why is it definitely, definitely, worth a visit during all the seasons.

Reason #1- Great Restaurants. Great People.Img_20141218@09_19-2Oslo Christmas-3 Oslo Christmas-2-2 Oslo Christmas-57

Reason # 2: The Coffee Culture

Christmas Norway-2-4 Between all the lunches and running around Oslo this break, I also found time to relax and enjoy a cup of green tea and beet juice at this cozy and rustic coffee bar. And of course go window shopping. Sandro and Maje just opened boutiques in Oslo. Exciting, exciting! Also, look at that exciting lingerie! Unfortunately I didn’t buy anything for myself but I did find a light blue cashmere sweater for my mom, and thats both her favorite color and fabric. Score!Oslo Christmas-32Oslo Christmas-58Christmas Norway-07

Reason #3: Great Christmas Traditions and Delicious Holiday Food

Oslo Christmas-11 My friends and I have a tradition of always hosting a Julebord, literally meaning “Christmas Table”, every year. 2014 marked the 5th annual julebord with these amazing girls. While a few of us have come and gone, we have still maintained the core of our celebration.Oslo Christmas-2Christmas Norway-2-3Oslo Christmas-2-14Oslo Christmas-3-5Oslo Christmas-5 I wish I could have spent more time in Oslo with my friends, but I look forward to seeing way more of them in the summer. I have to say, after a semester abroad it was nice to come back home and see familiar faces and places. I love Bekkestua and I wouldn’t survive without my best friends. Anna (the girl pictured below with me) took a gap year to ride, work at an accounting firm, and figure out where she wants to go. I’m obviously trying to persuade her to go to New York, but if she can bring her horse to England thats where she’ll end up. We have the weirdest relationship ever, but it just works (she’s nodding her head right now.) Anna, come to New York!!!Oslo Christmas-2-12Christmas Norway-2-2Christmas Norway-3Christmas Norway-28Oslo Christmas-2-13 When we don’t know the camera is on us. Hanna’s face is perfect though, couldn’t resist posting this.Christmas Norway-12 I’m wearing a Herve Leger dress (bought on at 80% sale!), a Mulberry clutch, and my all time favorite Jimmy Choo heels. Christmas Norway-6

I have many more pictures and stories I want to share with you guys. Keep checking in for new blog posts! xoxo- Nora


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