F5 Concept Store

Reason # 4 to visit Norway: The Cool Stores F5 concept store-2-2

Fun fact: I’m currently doing bit of work for Aùma, giving them advice about social media and marketing. Check out Gloria and Magne’s work here: http://www.byauma.com/F5 concept store-2 F5 concept store-3-2 F5 concept store-3 F5 concept store-4 F5 concept store-18 F5 concept store-33

I am drawn to the cool simplicity and factory feel of the F5 space. The juxtaposition of soft fabrics with hard materials gives a very interesting shopping experience. It also means the focus is on the clothes and textures. The reason I hate shopping at places like Zara is because everything is cluttered and claustrophobic. At concept stores like F5 this is not the case. Your eyes aren’t distracted by every imaginable thing and there is space and air to concentrate and appreciate the clothing. This is my type of store.

F5 concept store-34 F5 concept store-35 F5 concept store-36 F5 concept store-38

You can find them at Øvreslottsgate 5. I definitely recommend a visit!


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