“If New York and rural France had a baby, it would be Montréal”

– Daniel Tollefsen

Montreal is a gem. It has all the allures and charm of a big city yet more edgy and personal. Daniel and I road tripped there for Thanksgiving because we wanted to experience something new and fun while living on the East Coast.

The thing we kept repeating over and over again In Montreal was that we had to go back. The food, the ambience, the food, the architecture, the people, shopping, and of course its world renowned night life. Amongst other things, I tasted the best cocktail I’ve ever had at “Baldwin’s Barmacie,” explored the famous underground tunnels (connected to 7 malls, 3 colleges, and a vast Metro system), and spent a night in the Great Gatsby.

Montreal-03696 Montreal-03932 Montreal-03926The restaurant “Scarlet Exclusive” in the old town is highly recommended by both Daniel and I! Amazing atmosphere, great food, and impeccable service. Very “Great Gatsbyesque”.scarlet exclusive-03707 scarlet exclusive-03708 scarlet exclusive-03711 scarlet exclusive-03715 scarlet exclusive-03719I’m wearing an amazing Alexander Wang dress and my favorite piece, a sequin Maje blazer. The dress is draped from the waist down and there is a slight slit between the torso and hips- the silky stretch jersey fabric doesn’t hurt either. In fact, this makes it the perfect “dinner dress” (just think about it…)scarlet exclusive-03727

We ate breakfast here every morning. Fresh french baguette with creamy brie and prosciutto, toasted of course. How I’ve missed good bread.Thats actually the one thing I always hear from Europeans living in the states- No Good Bread. I seriously can’t handle the soft-crusted sweet factory made bread served in the dining halls and sold throughout the country. Montreal-03737 Montreal-03912 Montreal-03920 Montreal-03740 Montreal-03744-2 Montreal-03746 Montreal-03760 Montreal-03767 Montreal-03772

Juice break in the underground! Note my not amused faceMontreal-03793 Montreal-03797

I wore a silk shirt under a white acne sweater and a beige Ralph Lauren bag given to me from my grandma. I’m a huge fan of white-on-white, especially during the winter. Despite my European practice of wearing plenty of black, I also thoroughly enjoy breaking the unofficial rules of fashion.Montreal-03779 Montreal-03820 Montreal-03818  balsam inn-03859Montreal-03842 Montreal-03867 Montreal-03894 Montreal-03886

Baldwin’s Barmacie served the best gastronomic cocktails I’ve ever tasted!baldwins barmacie-039062014-12-30 18.30.21

Thats the end of our first two days in Montreal! I’ll be posting the pictures from the next two days soon, so stay posted!


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