Montréal Pt. 2

Our second full day in Montreal started with breakfast at our local café and exploring the Old Town. We stumbled upon a Buddhist shop, and Daniel reminisced about his trip to Nepal and Tibet. In the picture below he is holding a prayer flag, which are typically found hanging between buildings in the himalayan region. We also found an amazing Chinese tea shop, and below you can see me looking and smelling all the different teas. I asked to smell more than 20 types before choosing Organic Green, ginseng, and a special Chinese Earl Grey. While there, we also experienced a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. The man you see behind the counter meticulously poured tea from one cup to the next, showing us the “correct” way to diffuse fragile green teas. As you can guess, I was in heaven. Montreal-03941Montreal-03944Montreal-03950Montreal-03938Montreal-03934I can’t explain why, but I fell in love with this photograph. It was hanging in the window of one of the many galleries in the Old Town. Montreal-03954After two fine-dining experiences we went low key the third night and ate Chinese food in (duh) Chinatown. We only had to go next door to find one of Montreal’s coolest underground bars. The cocktails served there were exquisite- works of art! The vibe was very cool. People from all walks of life were scattered around the bar and in the sofas. We saw everything from hippies, to hyper-cool Asians, to old French couples, and young American couples. It was a feast for the eyes!Montreal-03958Montreal-03980I am obsessed with the how the eyes on the billboard match my dark eyes in these pictures. Also, check out the amazing vest Daniel bought me as a Christmas gift! I love special and different pieces like that. While in Montreal I wore it over this light blue Zara jacket and over my silk Iro shirt- it worked with everything!  Montreal-03975Montreal-03969Montreal-03964Our last day was spent exploring and eating a delicious lunch in the Plateau. With a car it was easy to get around and see a bit of the city before commencing our return trip.Montreal-03762Montreal-03747You can’t tell from the picture, but thats a (fake) Michael Jackson dangling a baby in a stocking out the window. Montreal-03765Montreal-03764Brunch-03997Brunch-04003Brunch-03999Brunch-04010Montreal-03983Montreal-03986Montreal-04015Montreal-04038


In all, it was an amazing, amazing, amazing trip. We’re definitely going back.


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