A peek into the most important shopping day of the year

I am naturally talking about Christmas Food Shopping.

In Norway we are very serious about our Christmas foods. Families all have their own traditions, and they are not afraid to let their hosts know if they’ve prepared a meal the “wrong way.” We’re a very peculiar people, but Jul er Jul (Christmas is Christmas) and it will be done right!

In my family we are also very peculiar about our Julemat. On the 23rd, “Lillejulaften” as it is called, we have pinnekjøtt- this is dried lamb prepared by soaking in water for 2 days and cooking in the oven for several hours before eating it with tyttebærsyltetøy, kålrotstappe (rutabaga mash), and potatoes.

Marschmanns-04211 Marschmanns-04213

On Christmas Eve, the most important evening of the year, we eat Ribbe; Pork meat/ribs.

Marschmanns-04214 Marschmanns-04216

All Norwegian cooks know that the meals are just as good as the ingredients, so this year we went shopping for delicacies at Marschmanns, a wonderful delicatessen in Oslo. After months of dining hall food I assure you I was in the clouds during this shopping trip. The store is in itself so gorgeous that I couldn’t resist taking pictures. Hopefully you’ll be just as inspired as I was by these great foods.  Marschmanns-04218

The two marbled steaks we bought will translate into three hours of immense happiness around the dining room table.

Marschmanns-04222 Marschmanns-04223 Marschmanns-04225 Marschmanns-04228

This woman was incredibly fabulous in her coat  Marschmanns-04231

Merry Christmas everyone!


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