Never before seen Ios pictures


If I know you personally, you are bound to have seen the infinite amount of pictures from last summer’s Ios trip on my facebook wall. Well, here a few pictures that weren’t shared. My first semester at college is over and I can’t believe how time has rushed by. Actually, it feels like August was a year ago. Everything in my life has changed, yet I’m incredibly lucky to still call these girls my best friends.

Last summer twenty of my best friends and classmates and I travelled to Ios, Greece. It is approximately 45 minutes by ferry from Santorini, and on our way back to Oslo we stayed a night on that famous Greek island. We stayed for a week, and oh my what a week it was. We made enough crazy memories there to last a lifetime. From going cliff jumping and speedboating in the Adriatic, to going swimming at 7 in the morning after a long night out- and that didn’t just happen once- to just dancing, eating good food, and listening to fresh European pop hits. “I’m in Ios Baby” was the agreed favorite.

We went in early June, so we avoided the hoards of college crowds that go there later in the summer. It was beautiful, quaint, and small enough for us to walk everywhere. Although I will admit we used the bus once or twice to get to the best beach. The town is composed of a multitude of small shops, bars, homes, clubs, restaurants, and basically everything you need for a great week of celebrating.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip. Enjoy!Ios-2Ios-36Ios-03-2

We stayed at Avanti Hotel, a lovely family-run place just 5 minutes walking from the Old Town. The owner even got up a few nights to watch the sunrise with the guys! Ios-5Ios-3Ios-5-3Ios-2-2Ios-02Ios-3-3     Ios-3-2Ios-6Perspective, guys.Ios-5-2    Ios-03  Ios-04Ios-05Ios-2-3 Ios-6-2  Ios-7-2 Ios-09 Ios-15Ios-36-2 Ios-18 Ios-19-2 Ios-19    Ios-37  Ios-56Ios-58Ios-00Ios-2-5Ios-3-6Ios-2-4Ios-3-5Ios-3-7 Ios-57


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