Shanghai Whispers Fashion Show

FAB fashion show-03348

Hey everyone! A few weeks ago I was invited as a VIP guest and photographer to FAB’s (Boston University’s fashion and retail association) fashion show. It was absolutely amazing as I got to see the preparation and how everything panned out. It was located in the upscale Hotel Commonwealth and featured excellent catering and a really good DJ. The show itself was composed of 12 student designers and pieces pulled from BCBG Maxazria and Jack Wills. They had sponsors such as Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, and Ralph Lauren just to name a few- and their raffle prizes were outstanding. My friend Michelle won the first prize- a brand new Valentino Bag, DG sunglasses, and Ralph Lauren Perfume. I was secretly (maybe not so secretly haha) jealous! It was such a fun time and I had a blast talking to some of the designers. I was particularly drawn to Zahra’s collection (she’s wearing the black cape dress with pearls- which she sewed- below) because of her use of lace and skilled tailoring. One girl designed clothes based off food, I’m not kidding. Check out the maxi dress with sprinkles and the white shift dress crusted with sea salt. It was very innovative and fun… and left candy trails on the runway :)

Here are the pictures from backstage hair and makeup:

FAB fashion show-02886 FAB fashion show-02887 FAB fashion show-02890 FAB fashion show-02892

I was mostly behind the camera that night so I didn’t get many great shots of my outfit, but you can see the basics here. I wore my favorite red IRO blazer, Filippa K silk skirt, a simple black HM tank, and my Rag & Bone booties. Of course paired with my partner (bag?) in crime… the Stella McCartney beauty. FAB fashion show-02903FAB-03668 FAB fashion show-02905 FAB fashion show-02908 FAB fashion show-02911 FAB fashion show-02912 FAB fashion show-02916

Got to munch on a few of these before they disappeared :)FAB fashion show-02923

BCBGMAXAZRIA clothes just waiting to be worn down the runway:    FAB fashion show-02929FAB fashion show-02936  FAB fashion show-02932  FAB fashion show-02935

This is Zahra, the designer I mentioned earlier. I really want her to design a dress like that for me! Capes in themselves are regal garments so I would feel like a true princess wearing one. Also, check out her outstanding Chanel bling. I wouldn’t mind getting that bag and cuff as well… :)

FAB fashion show-02947   FAB fashion show-02955

This is Suzie, the girl I met at the HerCampus Fashion event who invited me to this event. She is very lovely- and may I add so are her clothes!

FAB fashion show-02957  FAB fashion show-02963 FAB fashion show-02968 FAB fashion show-02969

Waiting in anticipation for the show to start! FAB fashion show-02992 FAB fashion show-02993 FAB fashion show-02996   FAB fashion show-03004

Alex, FAB’s president gave a quick speech to inaugurate the show. The show’s theme, Shanghai Whispers, was pulled off meticulously. Lanterns were hung everywhere and two dancers held a Chinese dance performance before the fashion hit the runway. Their movements were fluid and effortless, they truly shined on the stage.

FAB fashion show-03008  FAB fashion show-03016 FAB fashion show-03027

There are too many looks for me to post here, so I’ll just show you my favorite starting in chronological order from when they appeared.

FAB fashion show-03054FAB fashion show-03055FAB fashion show-03058FAB fashion show-03061FAB fashion show-03066FAB fashion show-03070FAB fashion show-03085FAB-03091FAB-03098FAB-03105FAB-03119FAB-03124FAB-03131FAB-03149FAB-03152FAB-03162FAB-03164FAB-03202FAB-03203FAB-03211FAB-03215FAB-03240FAB-03246FAB-03260FAB-03284FAB-03276FAB-03381FAB-03417FAB-03437FAB-03476FAB-03512FAB-03541FAB-03543FAB-03621

Here is a picture of Daniel and his best friends taken after the show. I love everything about this picture and find it too hilarious for words :’)


Here are my favorite looks from the show:

FAB fashion show-03490FAB fashion show-03518FAB fashion show-03630FAB fashion show-03348

Some of the looks were fun and quirky, but what came through very strongly throughout the show was that every designer had an aesthetic, a point of view they were trying to get across. This is to me the most important thing about fashion. You shouldn’t worry if everyone will accept your creation, not everyone will, but you should stay true to yourself and explore your creative side. This is the reason I like couture so much. Clothes are not just garments; they are art, beauty, inspiration, and occasionally pure creativity.

Xo – Nora

FAB fashion show-03499


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    Mange flotte bilder, Pus!!


    Den 4. des. 2014 kl. 06.21 skrev Its a Vogue World <>:

    Nora Nord posted: “Hey everyone! A few weeks ago I was invited as a VIP guest and photographer to FAB’s (Boston University’s fashion and retail association) fashion show. It was absolutely amazing as I got to see the preparation and how everything panned out. It was located”

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