Lunching, Living, Loving

A few weeks ago Rebecca and I spent the afternoon together in Boston. I’m noticing a trend in my blog posts… I promise I’ll try to shake things up but as you can probably understand by now I love Newbury Street. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Rebecca I will give you a short Bio. She grew up on Long Island right outside of New York and considers the city her second home. She’s very stylish and is constantly breaking the conformity of fashion (which is common here in Massachusetts): a true New Yorker at heart. Her parents are Russian so she is bilingual. I don’t know anyone who knows more about music than her (seriously I feel completely inadequate when we talk about music)! She’s also a great singer and part of the A Capella group “Essence” here on campus. She has bigbeautifulwild hair, just like her personality. Sometimes she prefers being quiet though, and that’s okay. I like being quiet too, sometimes taking space is unnecessary. We both love for mac n’ cheese – one of us is constantly making it in the dorm. Oh, and did I mention she is my roommate :)

Rebecca Lunch-02133Rebecca Lunch-02094 Rebecca Lunch-02099Rebecca Lunch-02034Rebecca Lunch-02035Rebecca Lunch-02036Rebecca Lunch-02063Rebecca Lunch-02049

Hello intense face!

Rebecca Lunch-02047Rebecca Lunch-02090Rebecca Lunch-02030 Rebecca Lunch-02109

At my favorite cafe, Thinking Cup, on Newbury. Did I mention that the people working there know me by name now? Thats when you know…

Rebecca Lunch-02110 Rebecca Lunch-02114  Rebecca Lunch-02126 Rebecca Lunch-02130   Rebecca Lunch-02031



3 thoughts on “Lunching, Living, Loving

    • Nora Nord

      Thanks! hahaha I laughed so hard when I read your bio: “I had one job as a waitress. It was awful.” hahaha I am a HORRIBLE waitress. My boss told me I wasn’t suited for the job. I completely agree :’)

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