Tufts Life

Hey everyone! I haven’t posted so much about my everyday yet, and I want you to see how my life is like here at Tufts. Last Thursday I attended  a fashion showcasing event at Neiman Marcus. The creative style director had pulled some of his favorite pieces and was discussing the seasonal trends. He had paired each item beautifully. It was fun to see a stylist in his element. Some of the girls went crazy and “had” to buy some of the clothes. This one girl actually spent $900 on a sequin jacket that in my opinion was nice, but not worth that much money! She was able to get herself on a payment plan, where she would pay $200 a month until she had paid everything o.O I had made a really dumb mistake the week before: I put my favorite pair of Rag & Bone jeans in the dryer so they shrank three sizes. To make up for my idiocy I bought a new pair of high waisted dark blue J Brand jeans after the Neiman Marcus presentation. They’re ultra stretchy, very flattering, and my first pair of high-waisted jeans. I’m wearing them in the picture below :) After the event I went to the Jimmy Choo store, also located in Copely Mall. This mall, by the way, is the most beautiful mall I have ever been to. Or really, they have the most beautiful things there. Chanel, Elie Tahari, Michael Kors, Dior, Proenza Schouler, Armani, Barney, ETC all have stores there! Fashion-02793 Fashion-02794 Fashion-02796

These Choos are now #2 on my wish list (after a zoom lens for my Sony camera). Fashion-02797 Fashion-02799 Fashion-02803

I’m wearing a Surface to Air sweater on top of a silk collared shirt. You can’t see it so well on the picture but the fragile silk makes the bulky sweater more feminine and interesting. I like layering with different textures. I’m also wearing this great fluffy Zara coat that I bought on Newbury Street one year ago when visiting Daniel. The wonderful and warm scarf is by FWSS and kept me ultra warm on the freezing day. The jeans are like I said earlier from J Brand, my boots are from Nude, and the bag is by Ralph Lauren. The jacket is actually much longer than it appears in these pictures and covers my butt, but my bag held it up here.


Yesterday I had lunch with Lorenza (left) and Charlotte (right) on Newbury street. We had delicious Italian food at a place called Papa Razzi. I love going to Newbury street in the weekends. Usually you will find me walking along the street, sometimes on an errand, sometimes just for people watching, sometimes (like this time) for hanging out with friends. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Newbury is wonderful! There are plenty of stores and restaurants, perfect for the weekend. On one end you’ll find Chanel, Burberry, and Armani. On the other there is Forever 21, Trident Café, and Urban outfitters. Whatever your wallet size, you will be welcome there. After lunch with the girls I brought them to my absolutely favorite place: The Thinking Cup. I introduced Charlotte to my signature drink: “Matcha Latte,” and was so pleased that she liked it! Charlotte, Lorenza, and I did international orientation together but because my mom was here I didn’t really participate. It was so nice to finally meet them! Charlotte lives in Switzerland, so she understands the occasional struggle (but mostly fun) of being an international student. Lorenza, by contrast, is from Baltimore, but to me this is exotic and really different. It was really interesting to hear about the differences between Baltimore and Oslo, especially when it comes to relationships and the power dynamic between men and women. In all, it was a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Charlotte and Lorenza-02819 Charlotte and Lorenza-02839 Charlotte and Lorenza-02823So cute!Charlotte and Lorenza-02808 Charlotte and Lorenza-02817Amazing Calamari. The spicy tomato sauce was perfect. Perfect.Charlotte and Lorenza-02816 Charlotte and Lorenza-02811 Charlotte and Lorenza-02810 Charlotte and Lorenza-02813 Charlotte and Lorenza-02812 Charlotte and Lorenza-02835 Charlotte and Lorenza-02836-2 Charlotte and Lorenza-02831 Charlotte and Lorenza-02830 Charlotte and Lorenza-02822 Charlotte and Lorenza-02821 Charlotte and Lorenza-02832 Charlotte and Lorenza-02833


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