New York Pt III

My final day in New York started a bit later than usual, beginning with Brunch at 1. We went to this tiny but very popular brunch place on Broadway, I forget the name. Due to the long waiting time we decided to stroll around the neighborhood. We found a lovely farmer’s market, and being ravenously hungry (it was late in the afternoon and I hadn’t had breakfast) I tried the samples from most stalls to whet my appetite. Fresh goat cheese, pickles pickled to perfection, homemade pesto, and raspberry jam…

New York-02729 New York-02731 New York-02728 New York-02744New York-02750New York-02753

I wore my favorite Club Monaco coat, Missoni Scarf, and boots from a tiny shoe shop in Florence. Now that the cold is seeping in it is all about layers. I always wear a tank top and a thin wool sweater as the base layer. Add a thicker wool sweater to that and a coat, and you’re good to go. These boots are also great for the cold because I can wear wool socks, and the leather keeps my calves warm.New York-02746 New York-02742 New York-02739 New York-02734 New York-02733 New York-02732 New York-02756New York-02761New York-02759

Nergiz and I shared poached eggs (my favorite!) and fat & fluffy french toast. The meal was so filling that it was my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

New York-02765New York-02767  New York-02770

This gives me hope.

New York-02777New York-02768New York-02775

Nergiz brought me up to the top of her building and this is what we saw. I can’t contain myself and have to post all these pictures. I still can’t believe that this is Nergiz and Stephanie’s home :ONew York-02788New York-02781  New York-02784 New York-02783 New York-02792


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