New York Pt II

Friday in New York was perfect. The day started out with brunch on Bleecker Street, a tiny french Bistro that serves wonderful mimosas and warm bread. Funny story- I had ordered a grapefruit juice but it turned out to be 50/50 ice cubes and juice, so I asked for fresh orange juice instead. No problem, the waiter said. He promptly gave me a glass of orange juice. Well well turns out he had given me a mimosa instead! As if that isnt good enough, another waiter comes and gives me a glass of actual orange juice. In the end I only had to pay $2.50 for the grapefruit juice. Tell me that isn’t amazingly good luck!! We both ordered poached eggs with Canadian bacon on english muffins. A perfect meal. On another note, I’m in love with these gorgeous pictures of Nergiz. The soft lighting was perfect and the mood equally incredible. New York-02689New York-02685  New York-02691  New York-02695

This is the Friend’s Apartment! We found it after lunch. Nergiz and I are both big Friends fans, so it was amazing to see the apartment (which is always photographed from the outside) in real life. New York-02698New York-02699After Brunch I met up with the photographer I had met the day before to take a few more pictures. We went into a luxurious mall on Columbus circle to see the view from the top floor. Unfortunately we weren’t able to see it because the space was being prepared for an event featuring Venus Williams. Sigh, but it was okay because we got to see the Jazz exhibition there :) These are pictures from Cuba.

New York-02700New York-02701New York-02708New York-02707New York-02705 New York-02709  New York-02716 New York-02717

Nergiz and I had lunch at a lovely neighborhood restaurant close to Barnard. The food was homemade Italian, the wine Spanish, and the tapenade to die for. This may have been the highlight of my trip to New York. Wonderful conversation in a small, crowded, and cozy restaurant with delicious food and a great friend. Nothing beats that, ever. New York-02725 New York-02727

It was Saturday night so of course we were going out. I opted for a black skater skirt which Nergiz lent me, a black Michael Kors halter top, my favorite sequin Maje blazer, and my super tall Prada booties. I have gotten a surprising amount of usage from that blazer- who would have thought :D Nergiz and I went out with her roommate Stephanie and Alex, a wonderful girl who lives on their same floor. After dinner we went out to a club called “The Raven.” Unfortunately all the girls there were 16 and the guys max 18. Naturally it was not our scene. We left after having a glass of champagne and instead went to the Gansevoort Hotel, a luxury hotel in the Meatpacking district. The top floor, where the club was situated, had a 360 degree view of New York. The outside terrace was refreshing and we spent much of the night looking over New York and talking there. 10522192_10202841668658179_8017423173972062924_n  10730898_10152825522426955_4065846771452714882_n

Pt III coming soon!


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