New York

New York is an amazing city, there is no denying it.

I was lucky enough to spend last weekend with my great friend Nergiz and her roommate Stephanie. I stayed with them from Thursday to Sunday, and it was amazing. I arrived late on Thursday night, so no time for dinner but definitely time for going out. By the end of the night we found ourselves back on Barnard/Columbia Turf eating New York Pizza. The pizza slice was larger than my head. Don’t believe me? Look for yourself. On Friday we had brunch at a fabulous French restaurant in Columbus Circle and when Nergiz had class at 2:45 I had the chance to explore Central Park. Funny story- when I was walking around in and taking pictures I met an another (actual) photographer. We ended up spending a few hours together talking about photography and taking pictures together! It was so much fun! I met up with Nergiz after that to have tea. When she left for her date I had dinner at a tiny but fantastic Italian restaurant called Il Gattopardi. Nergiz and I had seen it together behind the MOMA earlier that day, and I walked for blocks to find it. The food was to die for. There is something wonderful about enjoying a meal by yourself every now and then. Many people fear eating alone- they wonder what people may think of them- but I think it is liberating. I read “The Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison and enjoyed myself completely. On my way back to Barnard I couldn’t stop smiling. I spent the night with Stephanie and a few other girls from their dorm floor. Although we didn’t get into the Hookah bar (21 age limit in nyc -.-) we did end up having a great time talking, getting to know each other, and reminiscing about childhood. A perfect start to the weekend.

New York-02594 New York-025981800410_10152816876236955_1424000249594191070_n997079_10152825522756955_6143657095825043748_n New York-02601 New York-02607 New York-02611 New York-02614 New York-02615 New York-02617 New York-02618 New York-02621 New York-02624 New York-02626 New York-02630 New York-02652 New York-02663 New York-02665 New York-02669-4 New York-02669-5 New York-02672 New York-02674 New York-02676 New York-02678 New York-02681

I’ll be posting the rest of the pictures soon. Stay Tuned!


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