3 Year Anniversary

Mare Boston-01956Daniel and I recently celebrated our three year anniversary. I’m still bewildered by how long its been, 3 years. My god. Its crazy that so much time has passed. I feel like I’ve lived an entire lifetime in these three years. I’ve changed so much. Yet, I’m still the same person who went to Portugal with Ingvild in pre-ib, still the same person who lived through IB and Oslo International School, and still the same person who thought she was sick (which turned out to be pure nerves) when Daniel was coming to my mountain cabin – with my family- for the first time. And here we are, eating seafood in Boston. Him at BU, and me at Tufts. Crazy. Its incredibly, wonderfully crazy.

In these last three years we’ve travelled to Prague, Florence, Dubrovnik, Stockholm, Spain, and driven through Southern Africa together. Not to mention the weekend trips to both our cabins, the day-long road trip to Sweden (it counts!), and our upcoming Thanksgiving trip to Montreal. I constantly tell myself, and Daniel, that I’ve never been this happy before.

For our anniversary night we wanted to eat oysters and drink good wine, so where did we go? Mare, a tiny seafood restaurant in the North End (Italian neighborhood) of Boston. The food was amazing, especially their Oysters -yes thats right, I spelled it with a big “O”. I hope you enjoy some of these foodie pictures C:Mare Boston-01969 Mare Boston-01958 Mare Boston-01962Mare Boston-01971 Mare Boston-01966Mare Boston-01967 Mare Boston-01973 Mare Boston-01975 Mare Boston-01979 Mare Boston-01977Mare Boston-01983 Mare Boston-01984Mare Boston-01990 Mare Boston-01998 Mare Boston-02000Mare Boston-02006Mare Boston-02003


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