Halloween at the MFA

Last Thursday I had the pleasure to attend the Museum of Modern Arts “College Night: MFA After Dark.” The museum was held open for college students only, and admission was free. I had never been to the MFA before, despite wanting desperately to go. This was therefore the perfect event! I went with Clau, her roommate Alex, and Zina. I brought my camera along to have some fun, and I’m glad I did because we had a blast! I loved playing with the art- making art on art, if you will. My favorite pictures is the last one- the lighting on the mummy was very interesting to play with, and I like the contrast of my face juxtaposed with the sculpture’s.

To give some context to this picture: three years ago I painted a “replica” of the Postman by Vincent Van Gogh and also created a pop art piece inspired by it. It was incredible to see the painting up close. What had first been an image on google turned out to be real, and tangible, and right in front of me. Obviously I just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to document this great moment!Boston MFA Halloween-02508

I adore Alex’s LF jumpsuit! I realized it was a dress-up event just as we were about to leave so Alex let me borrow some cat ears. You gotta love clique costumes :PBoston MFA Halloween-02430 Boston MFA Halloween-02431 Boston MFA Halloween-02438 Boston MFA Halloween-02440 Boston MFA Halloween-02445 Boston MFA Halloween-02446 Boston MFA Halloween-02452 Boston MFA Halloween-02453 Boston MFA Halloween-02457 Boston MFA Halloween-02461  Boston MFA Halloween-02469 Boston MFA Halloween-02474 Boston MFA Halloween-02475 Boston MFA Halloween-02477 Boston MFA Halloween-02480 Boston MFA Halloween-02490 Boston MFA Halloween-02492 Boston MFA Halloween-02494 Boston MFA Halloween-02498  Boston MFA Halloween-02502Boston MFA Halloween-02511Boston MFA Halloween-02504   Boston MFA Halloween-02514 Boston MFA Halloween-02516 Boston MFA Halloween-02517 Boston MFA Halloween-02520 Boston MFA Halloween-02524 Boston MFA Halloween-02541 Boston MFA Halloween-02549 Boston MFA Halloween-02550 Boston MFA Halloween-02551 Boston MFA Halloween-02553 Boston MFA Halloween-02569 Boston MFA Halloween-02573


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