I’m in a Fall Mood

The leaves are falling, midterms are upon us, and the temperatures are dropping. Wonderful fall has fully arrived. Minus the irregularity of this New England weather-  I’m talking 20 degrees C in the middle of October.I love boston.. These pictures below are taken in Tealuxe, a great tea shoppe in Harvard Square. They have an amazing assortment of tea and the ambience is both soothing and relaxing. I took these pictures while I was “studying” there. I ended up just drinking a warm matcha latte (you know how much I love matcha) and eating a deluxe sandwich from Cardullo’s delicatessen across the street. For one of my college essays I wrote about my love of delicatessens, and I was actually picturing Cardullo’s while writing it. You see, I visited the shop when I was on my college tour during pre-ib, so the place carries a lot of emotional meaning for me now. I published pictures of me browsing their tea selection in an earlier post about my arrival in Boston, so feel free to check it out after reading this :)

Tealuxe Harvard Square-01856 Tealuxe Harvard Square-01855 Tealuxe Harvard Square-01854 Tealuxe Harvard Square-01851 Tealuxe Harvard Square-01850

There is another Norwegian here at Tufts, and her name is Cecilie. We travelled to Boston together and enjoyed coffee (matcha latte for me, yes please) at the Thinking Cup, my second favorite cafe in the city. My favorite is the Thinking Cup in the North End, aka Italian neighborhood. I wore a white zara shirt an my favorite Club Monaco coat. I paired it with my black rag and bone boots and jeans for a simple yet put-together look.

Boston Photography-01540Boston Photography-01535Boston Photography-01533 Boston University-01905 Boston Photography-01550  Boston Photography-01544  Boston Photography-01537

Now I’m off to study for midterms. Wish me luck!


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