Putin, Andalucía, and Kitesurfing: how they all relate

Let me begin by saying that you won’t understand the title until you’ve read my entire post. Marbella Photography-53Marbella Photography-58Marbella Photography-59 Marbella Photography-55  Marbella Photography-42-3

With all the delicious food, we also had to do some exercise. Although I don’t know if you can call it that when the path is so serene, and the scenery so breathtaking. On the way we found cork trees, and by the look of it someone had already cut out pieces from most of them.Fun fact: the overwhelming majority of cork comes from Portugal ( 32% of the world’s acreage, and 52% of global production), followed by Spain and Algeria.

Marbella Photography-21Marbella Photography-3-8Marbella Photography-50-2Marbella Photography-2-8Marbella Photography-5-2

Here’s another fun fact: Russia’s dictator, uh sorry not PC: “democratically elected president” Vladimir Putin, has bought a house on the mountain next to the one we live on. My logic is thus: when Putin invades more countries and potentially uses nuclear weapons we’ll be safe in Marbella because he wouldn’t want to destroy his £ 15 million, 4000 m2 home, now would he? According to the locals we talked to, it is not Putin but Gazprom, who has “gifted” this property to the Russian president. Gazprom is incidentally the largest extractor of natural gas in the world and one of the world’s largest companies. It must be quite convenient to bribe the head of a corrupt state. Very convenient indeed. This is the picture I took of the estate, and below is a google picture that provides more detail:

Marbella Photography-3-7article-0-158F535A000005DC-945_634x395Marbella Photography-00Marbella Photography-35

Eating out in Puerto Banus with my family, Anna, and my brothers friend Seb (whose arm you can see to the right).

Marbella Photography-43Marbella Photography-31Marbella Photography-292014-04-14 07.43.32-12014-04-14 07.43.22Marbella Photography-08Marbella Photography-3-6

My favorite place to eat near Marbella is in Benahavís, a small village which has been labeled “the kitchen of Andalucía”. This name is given for a good reason, all the restaurants there are michelin-star-worthy, yet unpretentious and priced the same as other restaurants in Andalucía. If you ever travel there I highly recommend going there and seeing/ tasting what it is I’m talking about!

Marbella Photography-2-6Marbella Photography-09Marbella Photography-6-2Marbella Photography-13Marbella Photography-3-9

My outfit: Shirt: Iro, Shorts: Mink Pink, Clutch: LV, Bracelet: Georg Jensen, Nailpolish: Deborah Lippmann, Flats: Pretty Ballerina

Marbella Photography-5-3 Marbella Photography-05-2Marbella Photography-3-10Marbella Photography-18Marbella Photography-2-12

One of the nights we went out I brought my brother and his friend Seb to a bar with me, Julia, Caro, and Anna. I asked someone to take a picture of us and the stupid girl dropped my camera and broke the lens…  I always strive to have the best quality pictures on my blog, but because of that unfortunate accident I had to use my phone for the rest of the trip.

2014-08-15 14.30.05

This is a picture of me and my dad after a wonderful day of kitesurfing/ learning to kitesurf in Tarifa, the southern tip of Spain.


My sister Kirsten, Julia and I cliff jumping in a river close to Benahavís!DCIM999GOPRODCIM999GOPRODCIM999GOPRODCIM999GOPRO

This was the night my camera was ruined. However, it was also one of the best nights! 10423837_10203472683990551_3927482234856524335_n13914_10203472683230532_5819940012063242645_n10583941_10203693027979565_5121425546592152207_nDCIM999GOPRODCIM999GOPROIMG_16152014-08-17 00.31.52

For one of our last days together Julia and I drove to Málaga to experience their famous “Ferias”, aka carnival. There was live music in the streets, banners everywhere, people on every street, on every corner, in every restaurant, and enough beer to go around. It was truly wonderful. 2014-08-18 16.18.34

For lunch we splurged on iberico ham and manchego. The deliciousness can’t be explained. After a long day of eating, drinking, partying, and meeting people who could not speak a word of english (I’m not joking. I met 3 university students who I could speak with. The other 50, nope, no english whatsoever) we went to the actual site of the carnival to eat and drink more. The night ended when we were too tired to continue so we took a taxi back to our hotel and passed out. Best sleep of the entire trip.IMG_1694

And because I am me, I will end this long blog post with the picture above of food that completely embodies Andalucía. As you have probably inferred by now, the title relates to things that greatly affected me while I was vacationing in Marbella. Putin and his twisted ways (and my love for politics), Andalucian culture and cuisine, and learning to kitesurf. Let me not exclude my wonderful friends and family who made the trip worth it in itself. I look forward to my many more adventures in Marbella to come. As someone who has lived in the area for many years told me: “Marbella is a playground. You can do what you want with it, and tailor it to your desires.” I completely agree with her, it is a place where anything is possible.


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