Summer in Marbella

I have been saving these pictures for a long time and feel like its finally time to share them on my blog. A tiny recap of my summer: after working in Risør for 6 weeks, it was time to leave the tiny coastal city and fly to Marbella, Spain. I spent almost 3 weeks at Villa Vista whereafter I had one day in Oslo to pack and leave for Boston. Anna accompanied me in Spain for a little over a week and Julia, also staying for the same length of time, came a few days before Anna left. We bathed, walked, ran, partied, ate delicious food, and cruised around. It was the perfect ending to my summer holiday, and to be honest real food was VERY welcomed after 6 weeks of eating sandwiches and apple slices. I kid you not, I had hotel breakfast buffet food for breakfast, lunch, and often times dinner. Yes, the exquisite Andalucian cuisine definitely reawakened my taste buds. One of the days there my mom and I went to have lunch at Villa Padierna, a gorgeous 5 star hotel just 10 minutes driving from our house. The golf resort has an abundance of beautiful and expansive grounds, and the hotel itself reminded me of a greek palace. In fact, it felt like we had fallen into the magic of the Elysian fields.

Marbella Photography-2-4Marbella Photography-3-3

Andalucian Gazpacho, cold tomato soup with home-pressed olive oil and tender shrimp. My mom had beetroot soup with caviar and parmesan. I can’t begin to describe how delicious it was.

Marbella Photography-2-3Marbella Photography-05Marbella Photography-39Marbella Photography-3-2Marbella Photography-2-10Marbella Photography-42Marbella Photography-3-4

Driving with Anna, and this is the view from the road.

Marbella Photography-33Marbella Photography-2-5Marbella Photography-2-2Marbella Photography-3

You know you’ve come to the right place when your bag gets its own seat :’)Marbella Photography-2-9

The typical breakfast at Villa Vista, the name of our house in the Marbella hills: Freshly pressed orange juice and toast with manchego and iberico ham. Marbella Photography-2Marbella Photography-4

More posts from Spain coming soon! Meanwhiles I need to study for my midterms coming up. The struggle: to blog or to study… I hope you are all having a lovely time. As always, feel free to comment!


2 thoughts on “Summer in Marbella

  1. Anonymous

    beautiful! btw, do you think you could post your tufts personal essay on your blog? thinking about how great your blog is, the essay is probably amazing!!

    • Nora Nord

      Wow! Thank you! I’m sitting in the library studying and now I’m just smiling from ear to ear. I’ll have to think about it, but I have actually been thinking about posting it. Hmm, maybe. :)

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