College Fashion Week

College Fashion Week-01608

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend College Fashion Week. The event was sponsored by HerCampus, the #1 global online community for college women, written entirely by the nation’s top college journalists from 230+ campus chapters around the nation. I went with the lovely Carolina Soto and Clau Robles-Gil, both part of the Tufts HerCampus group. The event was held at the Estate, an upscale club in central Boston. The venue had a burlesque-y feel to it and evoked a feeling of old-school luxury. While standing in line to get in I had the opportunity to take lots of pictures. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

College Fashion Week-01589 College Fashion Week-01590 College Fashion Week-01598

Clau (on left) wore a stunning black outfit that played on the idea of silky pajamas. How great are her dotted stockings and heels? I love it when people play with fashion and make unconventional choices. Caro went with a classically beautiful black look as well, and played with the combination of leather (back of her shirt) with suede pumps. Both girls looked gorgeous! College Fashion Week-01609 College Fashion Week-01633   College Fashion Week-01646College Fashion Week-01649 College Fashion Week-01653

I wore a bright red Mauro Grifoni dress with these amazing Jimmy Choo heels. I wanted to go for a simple yet refined look, and I believe that the red and black combination helped me achieve this. I am head-over-heels with my new APC wool coat which is both warm and fabulous! To top it off I wore my Stella bag and wrapped a silk scarf around the chain. At the start of the night I had my coat buttoned up, and the scarf added an extra “oomph” to the otherwise all black look.

College Fashion Week-01657College Fashion Week-01692

I adore Clau’s choice of lace on lace. College Fashion Week-01639 College Fashion Week-01663

I took these pictures at 6:30 so by then it was fairly dark. I had to increase the exposure and shadows in several of the shots, but that gave me a greater creative license- note the tonality of the picture below. College Fashion Week-01671College Fashion Week-01645 College Fashion Week-01673 College Fashion Week-01679 College Fashion Week-01690 College Fashion Week-01691  College Fashion Week-01702 College Fashion Week-01707 College Fashion Week-01716 College Fashion Week-01713  College Fashion Week-01717 College Fashion Week-01726 College Fashion Week-01732 College Fashion Week-01733 College Fashion Week-01741

College Fashion Week-01749

College Fashion Week-01779

Because bathroom mirror selfies are mandatory. Duh. College Fashion Week-01754 College Fashion Week-01759

Did I mention that we received free makeovers from bare minerals and oh yeah, free makeup worth $50!?College Fashion Week-01761 College Fashion Week-01762 College Fashion Week-01767 College Fashion Week-01768 College Fashion Week-01769 College Fashion Week-01750College Fashion Week-01787College Fashion Week-01813 College Fashion Week-01784As for pictures of the actual fashion show, you’ll just have to use your imagination (the lighting was poor so the shots I took turned out horrible). All in all it was a great night; good company, cool clothes, and a great new experience. I’m looking forward to discovering more of this wonderful city.

College Fashion Week-01815


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