Boston Photography

I have this blog so I can share my life and all that inspires me. Boston, this wonderful new city I have moved to has inspired me more than I can possibly articulate. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the week, and hopefully I’ll be able to give you a glimpse into this wonderful new life. After coming here I’ve become particular interested in photographing the subway; the people, the movement, and the light all intrigues me. The public gardens are also a highlight in the city, and I go there just to feel relaxed and at peace with everything. Lastly, I found this wonderful man sitting on a bench and after explaining to him that “your hat, your cigar, and the atmosphere is all working” he let me take his picture. Feel free to tell me your opinion in the comments section below- it is much appreciated.

Boston Fall Subway-01518 Boston Fall Subway-01520 Boston Fall Subway-01523 Boston Fall Subway-01525 Boston Fall Subway-01533  Boston photography-01551 Boston photography-01556 Boston photography-01559 Boston photography-01562Boston photography-01561


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