AllSaints on Newbury with Leili

After living in Boston for a month there is one thing I know for certain: the weather is a great mystery that you simply can not understand. After a week of rain and intense cold this wonderful indian summer day came upon us. I had been wearing my favorite wool acne sweater the day before, and the next day I was wearing this beautifully draped thin silk dress. Leili and I met up outside the public library and had lunch at a fantastic salad place called Sweet Greens. I definitely recommend it! Afterwards we explored Newbury, and as you can see I went quite crazy with my camera. That tends to happen :PAllsaints Newbury-01369Allsaints Newbury-01400Allsaints Newbury-01346 Allsaints Newbury-01349   Allsaints Newbury-01366 Allsaints Newbury-01350 Allsaints Newbury-01425Allsaints Newbury-01395Allsaints Newbury-01411 Allsaints Newbury-01347Allsaints Newbury-01404 Allsaints Newbury-01401 Allsaints Newbury-01398

What I’m wearing:  Dress: AllSaints, Shoes: Vince Camuto, Bag: PradaAllsaints Newbury-01384 Allsaints Newbury-01356Allsaints Newbury-01359 Allsaints Newbury-01354Allsaints Newbury-01418 Allsaints Newbury-01419Allsaints Newbury-01421


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