California Loving

Caetano Veloso-00852As many of you know, I travelled to California earlier this month to celebrate my best friend Julia’s 20th birthday. I left Thursday afternoon after my classes, and flew back Sunday night. While I wasn’t there for a very long time, it definitely felt like it because my days were packed from morning till night.PaloAltoParty-00723PaloAltoParty-00721PaloAltoParty-00725

We got these cards to access the building. Julia chose the most awkward picture for my ID and “forced” me to take a picture of the two to compare them. Its okay, because I obviously look much better. (Julia an I have been making fun of each other since I was in 3rd and she was in 5th grade).PaloAltoParty-00727PaloAltoParty-00743 PaloAltoParty-00736

Stanford Shopping Mall is probably the only Mall I would ever consider spending a significant amount of time at. Its outdoors (thanks to the California weather) so you don’t get claustrophobic. Look at how beautiful it is!

PaloAltoParty-00733 PaloAltoParty-00730PaloAltoParty-00755 PaloAltoParty-00753 PaloAltoParty-00748 PaloAltoParty-00747 PaloAltoParty-00746

I was obsessed with photographing this woman. Isn’t she awesome?? PaloAltoParty-00745 PaloAltoParty-00744

On our way to see Caetano Veloso, a famous brazilian singer, in uptown Oakland.Palo Alto Selfie-00769Palo Alto Selfie-00778 Caetano Veloso-00781 Caetano Veloso-00783 Caetano Veloso-00784 Caetano Veloso-00785 Caetano Veloso-00790 Caetano Veloso-00791What I’m wearing: Alexander Wang draped dress and (new) Stuart Weitzman heels. Because which college student couldn’t do with a new pair of heels??Caetano Veloso-00795Caetano Veloso-00800Caetano Veloso-00804Caetano Veloso-00807We didn’t have time for dinner before the show, so we stocked up on kettlecorn and chocoate. Caetano Veloso-00814Julia’s brother Joao carrying our things. :’)Caetano Veloso-00818This is the most beautiful theater I have ever been to. I was in photography heaven. Let me know what you think of these following shots in the comments below!Caetano Veloso-00826Caetano Veloso-00833Caetano Veloso-00834I love this one. Couldn’t decide whether I liked color or b&w best, so I’m posting both.Caetano Veloso-00838Caetano Veloso-00839Caetano Veloso-00848Caetano Veloso-00866Caetano Veloso-00840In all, a wonderful day spend with wonderful people. Stay tuned for pictures from Saturday’s party!


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