Opening Night at Bar Boulud

Hey everyone! I really want to share the pictures I took on tuesday with you. In part because I’m proud of them (like the one here below) and in part because I want to share my life with friends, family, and those of you who appreciate food, photography, and fashion like myself. So, here’s what happened. My good friend Andrew from Tufts made a reservation for Bar Boulud on their opening night. How he managed to get the table is beyond me because it was their opening night. Raquel and I took the T (Boston’s subway) to Newbury before the others to get a birthday present for Julia and take some pictures. [FYI I am traveling to California on Thursday night to attend Julia’s 20th Birthday party! I can’t wait to share the experience with you guys!]


Here is beautiful Raquel in her stylish outfit:BostonStreetStyle-00615  BostonStreetStyle-00616

We thought the All Saints store background was perfect because she was wearing an All Saints leather jacket!BostonStreetStyle-00623  BostonStreetStyle-00628

What I’m wearing: Silk shirt: Iro, Jeans: Rag & Bone, Blazer: Iro, Scarf: LV, Bag: Ralph Lauren, Shoes: Stuart WeizmannBostonStreetStyle-00645  BostonStreetStyle-00649 BostonStreetStyle-00668 BostonStreetStyle-00673

Photo credit goes to Raquel for this great pug shot.BostonStreetStyle-00675 BostonStreetStyle-00677

And here we go!

barbouludboston-00680 barbouludboston-00683

I wouldn’t exactly call this your ordinary Tuesday evening. I could get used to this… barbouludboston-00684 barbouludboston-00685

With Raquel, Colton (below), Christiana, and Andrew. Unfortunately all the shots I got of Christiana were blurry.barbouludboston-00686 barbouludboston-00687  barbouludboston-00691 barbouludboston-00692 barbouludboston-00695 barbouludboston-00698

A wonderful day & night with good company and good food. You really can’t ask for more!


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