Favorite Street Style

Here is a recap of my favorite New York Fashion Week & PFW (2013) outfits; on and off the runway. I was originally just going to compile a collection of my favorite NYFW looks, but then I got looking at the PFW ones and I really could not help myself. Just look through these pictures to see what I mean.Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day7-08-28962254-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day6-16-70555386-lg hbz-street-style-pfw-ss13-100312-28-lgn hbz-street-style-pfw-ss13-100312-18-lgn hbz-street-style-mfw-fw14-day3-09-92118124-lg I don’t condone wearing fur, but these jackets are amazing. To achieve the look at stay animal-friendly, invest in a good faux fur. Stella Mccartney has certainly proved that eco-friendly is just as good. All her bags are made with faux-leather, and I believe that the majority (if not all) of her clothes are made with sustainable materials. Yay! hbz-sfw-fw2014-day3-06-lg There are so many amazing coats. Just look at these shots and drool… Hbz-street-style-lfw14-fw2014-day3-14-92113169-lg Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day5-12-72757760-md hbz-street-style-Paris-fw13-day3-04-lgn

This woman (above) really shows how you can combine male aesthetics to your outfit whilst maintaining a delicate femininity. I particularly like how the sequins on her sweater go hand in hand with the metal-capped oxfords. Hbz-street-style-nyfw14-day5-25-68067848-md  hbz-street-style-pfw-ss13-100212-13-lgn hbz-sfw-fw2014-day3-11-lg hbz-street-style-pfw-ss13-100112-210-lgn hbz-street-style-paris-fw13-day4-14-lgn

These women prove that bold is certainly beautiful. hbz-street-style-Paris-fw13-day3-24-lgn hbz-rodarte-ss2015-34-lg  hbz-street-style-pfw-ss13-100312-07-lgn hbz-street-style-mfw-fw14-day1-16-78502847-lg hbz-streetstyle-cph-day2-18-lg hbz-street-style-cphss15-b00b9943-14-lg hbz-street-style-pfw-ss13-100312-15-lgn  hbz-street-style-pfw-ss13-100312-02-lgn hbz-street-style-pfw-ss13-100312-01-lgn hbz-street-style-Paris-fw13-day3-19-lgn hbz-rodarte-ss2015-4-lg hbz-pfw-ss13-street-style-093012-02-lgn

So many pretty outfits, shots, and people. I can’t handle it! In a few days I will also post my favorite looks from London & Milan Fashion week. I can’t wait to see more of the awesome creations that fashionistas attending the fashion weeks have innovated. Thanks for reading! – Nora


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