Freedom Rally in Boston: The People


Boston is truly a unique and interesting city. Where else can you find an entire festival dedicated to the legalization of marihuana? I couldn’t miss this photographic opportunity for anything, so yesterday found myself at the festival to take pictures of all the people. And let me tell you, there were a lot of interesting people. Teenagers, (professional) adults, college students, hippies, hoboes, children, geeks, drug addicts, & police. The people of Boston came out from their living rooms and took to the Boston Common, the park where the festival was held. There was of course Reggae music playing the entire afternoon, in addition to various bands playing throughout the park. HempfestBoston-1FreedomRally-6FreedomRally-2 FreedomRally-4 FreedomRally-5  FreedomRally-7 FreedomRally-8 FreedomRally-9 FreedomRally-10 FreedomRally-11 FreedomRally-17 FreedomRally-21   HempfestBoston-00570 HempfestBoston-00571 HempfestBoston-00515 HempfestBoston-00514 HempfestBoston-00505

Let me know what you think of these pictures in the comments below!

– Nora


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