Its going to be a Rag & Bone Fall


Fall is in the air. In the damp moist Massachusetts air, I can feel it approaching. Today was the first semi-cool day since I’ve arrived and it got me thinking about all the wonderful fall fashion. A few weeks ago I went a little nuts at the Rag & Bone store on Newbury street. I say nuts because one of the women working there also recognized me from last year, after I tried on the entire store. –I’m not joking, I played dress-up for probably 2 hours in there. I needed a pair of fall boots because the 10cm ones I own are just too damn tall to walk around in all day. Plus it doesn’t help that my height is already an anomaly here in Boston. Not that I care about being taller than everyone (frankly thats my life summed up into one statement) but it doesn’t hurt to shave off a cm or two. My feet are thanking me right now for saying that. They want it in writing. (but I’ll still wear my stiletto heels and pretend not to be in pain. shh!)


These wonderful boots will tread around Boston with me and experience the approaching fall. I already know they’ll be staples in my closet. Okay so I must confess, I have a weird addiction/love for shoe boxes. The way they’re perfectly rectangle & black with modest white lettered branding. When I open a shoe box its like opening a present- again and again and again. You have no idea how much fun I had shooting the first picture. Basically, too much fun. I never get tired of lifting the soft tissue paper and revealing the gift inside… I can get even more poetic about my love for shoes, but I’ll spare you from any more.


Instead I can tell you about my new found love for hats. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will already know that I am obsessed with my Acne x Borsalino white straw hat with the yellow band. It is too beautiful to describe! Well, with fall I prefer felt hats. This black fedora will make the perfect accessory for any chic autumn outfit. I also bought a dark orange/burgundy colored hat from Massimmo Dutti while I was in spain. It is a bit bigger than this Rag & Bone hat, made of thinner felt, and has a circular brim — picture in my last post–. I’ve been dying to wear these two but the weather has simply not permitted it since I’ve started school at Tufts. Hopefully I’ll be able to sport them around campus soon (fingers crossed)! 


Now, to rant about jeans. Rag & Bone make the best best jeans (ever). Their jeggings are like butter and suede on your legs. I promise you, there is nothing better. I now have a navy pair and a grey pair & can’t wait to wear them! Lastly, I bought this oversized grey stretchy sweater, because who doesn’t want/need exactly that for cold and iffy days? Its the perfect piece to wear when you want to dress more casually, but I’m planning on dressing it up with my new jeans and boots :) I also love the salted grey color. Perfection.

RagandBonejeansRagandBonejeanscloseupHere is a more accurate representation of the clothes’ colors:RagandBonejeanRagandBonesweater

That was a great rant about clothes. Mmm, now I feel much better :) What do you like to wear in the fall, and whats your favorite brand? I would love love love to hear in the comments below.





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