Moving to Boston

Hey everyone! As a lot of you know I have moved to Boston (Medford) to attend Tufts University. After my first week here I have a few pictures to share with you guys. Just FYI my camera was broken in Marbella so unfortunately I mostly have iPhone pictures. I’m going to buy a new camera soon but if anyone has any good recommendations for point and shoot cameras please let me know in the comments below.

2014-08-22 23.58.03 2014-08-23 09.54.23I bought both this great Massimo Dutti hat and Sandro shirt in Marbella. They’re absolutely perfect fall staples! 2014-08-23 22.26.04Getting our nails done. Img_20140824@00_26What an intense day of shopping! My hat flopped a bit after all the hours of “hard work” and humidity. :’)Img_20140825@17_40We visited Cardullo’s Gourmet Shoppe in Harvard Square. I’m going to tell you guys a secret… I wrote about this place in one of my college essays. Yepp, I wrote about the joy I feel when I enter a delicatessen. You can’t tell from my face here but I was in the clouds. All the food, all the cheeses and wine and tea and chocolates. Its too good to be true. I have an entire drawer now filled with tea. Not to mention the 6 matcha boxes I bought from Teavana… Some people would call me a tea addict.Img_20140825@17_45 Img_20140825@17_37 Img_20140825@18_44 Img_20140825@22_30Helping my mom out with a photography project in the hotel room. Artsy, yes?  Img_20140826@02_58-3 Img_20140826@02_59-2Img_20140826@02_13-2We had the most AMAZING meal at Mare in the North End of Boston. This is basically little Italy. We loved the area so much that we came back the next day- as seen in the pictures below. Img_20140826@21_10 Img_20140826@21_11-4 Img_20140826@22_01Boston’s best coffee is at “Thinking Cup” in the North End. I had a matcha latte and my mom had this delicious cappuccino. Img_20140826@22_02-2 2014-08-26 16.27.44  2014-08-26 14.37.28During the International Orientation we went on a boat ride called “Codzilla” It as amazing! Basically the point was to drive fast in a jumbo speedboat and get splashed. (See what I did there? We’re Tufts Jumbos now! :’) ) 2014-08-26 14.37.59  2014-08-26 15.06.47 Img_20140826@21_21-2 Img_20140826@21_57 Img_20140826@22_02 (1) Img_20140826@21_22-2 2014-08-24 13.14.01Yes, we took a school bus to Target. It was the lowlight of my life… :’) 2014-08-24 16.38.05And as you can see, we went a bit crazy at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. Now my room is all beautiful though!- Pictures to come later. 2014-08-25 07.06.17 2014-08-26 15.53.14 2014-08-26 16.27.50New life, new wallet. I bought this beautiful blue beauty at Heathrow on the way to Boston. I love the Tufts Blue color :) 2014-08-27 09.44.04 2014-08-27 13.27.55-1With the school mascot before matriculation. Below: at Matriculation with Rebecca my roommate (!!!) and Kai, a Japanese guy who also did International Orientation. 2014-08-27 13.33.38 2014-08-28 23.13.18With Katie, the cutest Korean from Vancouver, and below with Richa from Singapore!2014-08-29 01.11.49 2014-08-29 03.26.40Just chilling in the common room listening to good music :) I took a selfie because Why Not? 2014-08-29 20.44.18Welcome to the college life. I’m sorry mamma and pappa, I know drinking wine from a mug is sacrilege. #slumminit #college #classy. I visited Daniel in Boston last night and got to see his great friend Natacha :) So much fun! 2014-08-29 17.42.13At the Food Fair before going into Boston. I got to meet Clau, a really great girl from Mexico who I’ve spoken to over Facebook. 2014-08-29 18.25.41

So far, so good. I love the city of Boston and Tufts, and I can’t wait to see how this year pans out. In a few hours I’ll be registering for classes. Hopefully I’ll be able to take 1. Into to International Relations, 2. Human Rights & Culture, 3. Patriarchy and women in the Middle East, and finally 4. Eng 02 about Sex & Love (Why not? :D) . I have quite a late registration so I may have to take some alternative classes instead. I hope it works out!

I would love to hear from you guys in the comments section below. If not feel free to Facebook me :)

– Nora


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