Trastevere at Night

I lied. This post isn’t only about Trastevere at night; it also features some of my mom’s brilliant photography from our trip. She took these on our second and third day in the city. I like to believe that they capture the true Rome, like a man sitting on church steps reading his favorite novel, a man who sells roasted chestnuts for a living, and a man getting shaved at the barbers. Img_20140521@15_33Img_20140521@19_07Img_20140521@13_57-2 Img_20140521@19_28 Img_20140521@19_28-2 For dinner on our second day we decided to walk to the lovely Trastevere area. This is more of a ‘local’ area, and you can tell by all the Romans who come here to eat. It is situated on the other side of the Tiber river. The streets were packed with restaurant after restaurant, and most places were completely full. There was life and music all around. It was incredibly charming and an all-around lovely experience. MarbellaBlog-8What I wore: Dress: Vintage Chanel, Cardigan: Malene Birger, Bag: Vintage LV, Sandals: ReissMarbellaBlog-10 Typical Rome: MarbellaBlog-9After drinking cocktails at a hipster/ alternative bar with my mom, we came across this quaint restaurant. We were pulled in my the aroma of mozzarella, ham, and cheese. L1007950


I definitely recommend a trip to Trastevere if you are going to Rome. It was a vibrant area with superb food and lots of happiness.

I’ll be posting my last Rome post soon, so keep updated! :)

– Nora


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