Living in the South of Norway

There is a reason Risør is called “Den Hvite By Ved Skagerrak”, “The White City by Skagerrak”. Its beautiful white wooden houses certainly grant it that name. This summer I am living here with Daniel and working in the reception at Risør Hotel. Daniel is working as a waiter at Stangholmen, a restaurant within a lighthouse on an island. That was a mouthful!

Life here is mellow and fun. There is always a good vibe in the air as tourists come to enjoy the skjærgård, archipelago, and swimming and grilling are mandatory activities here. Working in the reception is a learning experience. After working here for over a month I can safely say that I have learned a lot. When I think about my first week I just image a clueless duck waddling around… Actually on my first day of work a pipe in the restaurant broke, and water started to ooze out behind the bar. I stood for a good hour and a half cleaning up the muck and trying to prevent water from spreading to the restaurant. Good thing we managed to keep the water levels down because after an hour poop started rising from the pipe. What an interesting first day… After that things have run pretty smoothly, and we have not run into any more pipe incidents, thank god.

Here are some pictures from my stay here in Risør so far :) This is the sunset seen from Stangholmen:10569928_10203466158187962_2039855428_n10570650_10204071131996492_1400551113_n 10567383_10204071131796487_2084168837_nLarice and Hedda, two girls that also work at Stangholmen and the hotel respectively, bought a plastic boat. You know those blow-up boats with oars that are designed for 10-year-olds? Yupp, we fit three adults in one of those. It was a life accomplishment. A few days ago the three of us endeavored to paddle to the beach. After an hour of strenuous paddling combined with lounging and drinking cider, we arrived at the holm. This was the view from where we sat. 10565995_10203466157827953_955730609_n10517089_10204071131956491_6701324_n10555204_10204071135796587_798062652_nRisørBlogg-8 10559261_10203466158507970_1961918765_n Hotel Life: Adele Halten playing the harp while her Chihuahuas watch.AdeleHalten AdeleHalten-3 Img_20140627@23_07Stangholmen’s in-house bunny Oscar is always a joy to cuddle with.Img_20140720@16_53-6  RisørBlogg-5SO FLUFFY!!! RisørBlogg-6 RisørBlogg-7  RisørBlogg-9I love sitting at Stangholmen’s Champagne Bar. RisørBlogg-10 RisørBlogg-13With Amanda, a Swede who lives in the house above us with Larice.RisørBlogg-14 RisørBlogg-15Chilling at Kastellet. See whats on Larice’s head? :DRisørBlogg-16Daniel had just finished work- hence the white collared shirt- and I had been sunbathing at Stangholmen since 5. Met him on the way home :) What I’m wearing: Dress: Juicy Couture, Blazer: Zara, Sandals: Tory BurchRisørBlogg-12

Life is good, and it feels great to be working, making friends, and enjoying the sun. Have a wonderful summer!



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