First it was the low card diet, now its the Detox.

I’ve never been a huge fan of  fad diets. They’re something the media publishes 1000 articles about and then drop when the next big story (or Royal Wedding) comes along. However, this craze about the “Detox” is definitely something that I will go along with.

Who doesn’t want to combine those 5 a Day fruits and vegetables into delicious juices and smoothies to drink all day long?! One of the healthiest ingredients to add in juices is ginger. I personally love a simple carrot and ginger combination because it cleanses your system and works wonders on your skin. Add a bit of mint to a fruit juice to get that extra “kick”.Img_20140429@08_31 Img_20140429@08_37-2 Img_20140429@08_37 Img_20140429@08_41How to make this “Green Monster” juice: Juice 1 broccoli, 2 apples, 1/2 avocado, 2 handfuls spinach, 1 cucumber, & 2 carrots. Juice in that order. When or if the filter gets clogged clean it without getting any pulp into the  juice. The perfect thing about vegetable juice is that you get all the healthy vitamins and minerals without getting full on the fiber (that will eventually leave your body anyways). The saying therefore goes “Eat your fruits, Juice your vegetables”. Img_20140429@08_48-3 Img_20140429@08_48-4 Img_20140429@08_48 Img_20140429@08_49-2 Img_20140429@08_50-4 Img_20140429@08_52-2 Img_20140429@08_54-3 Img_20140429@08_55 Img_20140429@08_56Perfection!  Img_20140429@09_10-6 Img_20140429@09_10This next juice I made is called “Tropical Delight”. Although I said its best to eat- not juice- your fruits, this juice is too damn good to resist. Also, its a great boost to your immune system! Ingredients: 2 passion fruits, 2 oranges, 1 mango, and some mint if wanted. Img_20140429@09_12-3 Img_20140429@09_12-4   Img_20140429@09_22-2  Img_20140429@09_49-6 Img_20140429@09_50

I definitely recommend a juicer to anyone who is looking for a healthier lifestyle and delicious juice. I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope it inspires you to make healthier food choices!




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