Roma Day 2

MarbellaBlog-2After snoozing the alarm several times and getting dressed we enjoyed a breakfast buffet on the rooftop terrace, overlooking the historical monuments of Rome. Salami a la italia and warm homemade chocolate cake were on the menu. We then took a taxi to Campo de Verona, a magnificent cemetery where thousands of people are buried and families erect shrines and temples to respect their deceased family members.L1007708I wore my outrageous feather skirt… and I loved it! I got a surprising amount of compliments while walking in the fashion district. I guess different = good in their book.Img_20140520@11_12-2

What I wore: Skirt: Zara, Shirt: Helmut Lang, Sandals: Reiss, Bag: Vintage LVImg_20140520@09_46-2Img_20140520@10_45Img_20140520@09_38-2Img_20140520@12_51We ate lunch at a place in the fashion district, but the restaurant was part sculpture museum. All the sculptures were taken from a famous sculpter’s (his name has slipped my mind) atelier and the venue was painted dark red to reflect the aura of the original atelier. It was purely magical. I ate Cannoca Tadolini – lobster tomato pasta; a messy affair.Img_20140520@14_06Img_20140520@12_44-2Img_20140520@14_47-2Img_20140520@12_51-4Img_20140520@13_55-2Img_20140521@18_06-2Enjoying some afternoon Prosecco.L1007902Valentino Rockstud sandals in light blue are my dream shoes. I’m saving up for them, but with the hefty price tag of 6000 kr/$1030, it may take a while… Also, I’d much rather spend that money on traveling,  food, and living. L1007886

The rest of my second day in Rome will be posted tomorrow!

– Nora


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