Dancing in Marbella

Earlier this spring my family and I travelled to Marbella, Spain. Many think of Marbella is synonymous with expensive cars, Arabic yachts, and British tourists (often clad in no clothing…) The real Marbella is much more varied, despite the valid stereotypes. After a mere 30 minute drive from Puerto Banus, the hotspot and “place to be seen”, you are up in the beautiful mountains of Marbella and can see over to Morocco. Wild horses roam these hills, as well as huge boars, tiny wild pigs, deer, mountain goats, and thousands of birds. Our best experience was when we went hiking in these beautiful hills. We found an abandoned orange grove and my uncle used his shirt to collect 30 or so oranges that we picked from the tall branches.They were wildly delicious!

I’m going back in early August and can’t wait to experience more of what the place has to offer! Maybe I’ll also be able to (FINALLY) work on that summer tan I’ve been dreaming of… This was one of the looks I wore to dinner one night, and I felt that it had to be shared on the blog because it is so indicative of the summer feeling in Marbella. I love this silk shirt because the pattern is interesting and catches the eye, and I can pair it with anything from white jeans to relaxed shorts. Img_20140416@19_43-5Img_20140416@19_47 Shirt & Blazer: Iro, Pants: J Brand, Bag: Tory Burch, Nail polish: Deborah Lippman.Img_20140416@19_49By chance I met my childhood best friend Thea in Puerto Banus. We hadn’t seen each other in ages and the entire meeting was completely surreal, but the evening of dancing and cocktails made it seem as if no time had passed between us. Img_20140416@22_46Img_20140416@21_53-2Here at my favorite cocktail bar in Marbella- all the drinks are made from fresh fruit and the venue is a – get this – refurbished abandoned ship! In the summer you have to come latest 10 o’clock to get a table.Img_20140416@23_48 Img_20140416@23_20-2  Img_20140416@22_45   By the way, I’m back to blogging now so expect more to come! – Nora


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