Andalucian Life


As I was walking around my house, I couldn’t stop but notice how beautiful the light makes everything. Space unfolds and everything is brighter, more saturated, and more alive.

Here are a few pictures from my everyday :)

L1006339L1006352L1006328This is where I will live these next two weeks. Right now I’m trying to study biology. Keyword: “trying”. I am just rewriting the notes… So so boring. If you have any better methods for memorizing large amounts of information Please PLEASE write them in the comments section below!Img_20140413@19_35 Img_20140413@14_40L1006353L1006335  L1006342From the look on her face my mom just won the game! L1006343My beautiful cousin Tina, and below is her brother Marius. L1006345What a charmer :’) L1006347 L1006348So much light, so beautiful.   L1006356This is the top of my dresser. I love the simplicity and lightness.  L1006365To the left is my absolutely favorite perfume, Aura Maris by Lorenzo Villoresi. He’s a florentine perfumer who has won several awards for his scents. This one smells like the mediterranean; a mixture of citrus, salt, bergamot notes and mandarin. L1006371 L1006377I look forward to wearing my Reiss sandals and new YSL pumps!!  L1006386


Now I think I’m going to go eat an ice-cream :)

Remember, if anyone has any study notes please write them in the comments. And “not blogging” is not a method. At least one that I won’t accept ;)

– N



7 thoughts on “Andalucian Life

  1. Anonymous

    I absolutely love this blog!
    When I study biology I write notes while reading (as you seem to do aswell). After I discuss my notes and questions with other bio students. That makes it all really stick because I have to use my own worlds to explain.

    I believe there is a book called “Best of memo” by Oddbjørn By that is really great. He is basically teaching you methods on how to remember tons of information. It takes a while to read because you have to practice the methods as you go along but it is really worth it:)

  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful post!!

    I suggest flash cards. Besides helping you memorize, they can help you keep track of what you already know. And if you’re doing biology, well I study Biomed at Uni so I’ve got a ton of resources like videos from my great lecturers that I can share with you! Let me know :)

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