Partying in Copenhagen

One month ago I travelled to Copenhagen with some of my best friends. I was supposed to blog about it then but as I explained in my last post, I have been too lazy to. In our fast-paced world it has almost become a social stigma to be lazy, but you know what, I think its okay. Everyone needs periods of calm. I would call this the calm before the storm- what comes before my final IB examination in May…

IB is a killer, and Oslo can be very limiting. When you go to such an academically rigorous school like ours, it is important to let loose and take a break from school. My motto for life, you know as far as a life motto can matter at the age of 18, is Work Hard, Play Hard.

As a side note- I can’t believe that I’m almost about to graduate from high school. It feels like I started attending Oslo International School yesterday, but here I am going off to the States in a few months!

Back to Copenhagen: We left on the 20th of February and spent the long-weekend there. The journey started on a bit of a rough patch as Caro had forgotten to buy a ticket. I didn’t think it was possible until we were standing there… The website she had used was in Norwegian, so naturally she couldn’t understand when it didn’t process her order. We got it all sorted out though, despite her having to spend a bit more on the ticket. Anna also managed to lose her phone on the plane… how ironic because we thought she had left it at home! – The phone had been found and she got it when we returned to Oslo.

2014-02-20 17.52.36Top left: Caro & Anna. Top right: Caro, me, and Taylor.

DSCF5136Working hard… hardly working :PDSCF5180DSCF5145Look who we ran into: Anna’s grandmother! 2014-02-21 11.48.04DSCF5146DSCF51672014-02-21 12.28.35DSCF5166DSCF5170We visited and walked up the round tower, which was built in the 1600s. The top offered a beautiful view of the city, and while it was overcast the majority of the day the sun decided to show itself for a few minutes when we were up there. It was spectacular.DSCF5160DSCF5162DSCF5149A beautiful art exhibit connected to the tower. And pretty friends as well:DSCF5157DSCF5184DSCF5190Copenhagen is world famous for its bikes. Denmark is so flat that people can easily bike anywhere. Norway, in contrast, has too many mountains and hills to make biking an easy way to get around. DSCF5181DSCF5177Drinking our first out of 5 smoothies/juices at Joe and the Juice. Just to clarify, its pronounced “joey”. Their business model is genius: hire only good looking tattooed guys. Seriously.DSCF5183DSCF5176DSCF5194Anna bought a wonderful pair of high-waisted black pants from Acne. I was her personal shopper (okay.. not really, but I like to think so). Img_20140221@22_13Ahaha and here come the selfies. They are basically mandatory for a trip like this, no? Yes, definitely yes.1958003_10202367548762861_1823352719_nWe booked a standing table at Hive because we figured the line would be too long. We were completely right, and got VIP entrance plus table plus this bottle for a cheaper price then the bottle cost in the club!! What an incredible incredible night! Hive is definitely the best club in Copenhagen. Hands down. Four girls and one magnum belvedere…Gotta be awesome! What a night!! :P2014-02-22 00.41.30I wore a Michael kors top, simple black skirt, and jimmy choo heels. Looking back I probably shouldn’t have worn those shoes to a club, but thankfully they survived!2014-02-22 00.50.30Img_20140222@03_28AHAHAHAHAH okay so this was the funniest thing ever. Caro made friends with the people working at 7 Eleven and advertised for their pizza. Which, as I remember, was the best pizza I had ever tasted. Maybe that had to do with my previous alcohol consumption… Maybe thats why Caro loved it so much… Just maybe… 2014-02-22 14.05.24This picture perfectly sums up the night!!

This trip was honestly the perfect thing for us. It was just pure fun. I’m sure you can tell from the pictures. I have another post from our second night coming up as well. Check it out soon!



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