Lazy Days

Hi everyone!

By everyone I mean my 5 friends that actually read this blog. I have been awful at posting lately. I think this is because I’ve been affected by the virus “lazytis.” Meaning I just cannot post all the beautiful pictures I have of Copenhagen, Edinburgh, and Sslo because I have no motivation. To be honest though, wordpress has given me such a headache lately, so cut me a tiny bit of slack :P

Well the reason I’m writing this now is to promise you that these posts WILL come. Just give me a couple of days…

Seriously, the only thing I can think of these days is college. In a bit over a week I’ll know where I’m going to spend my next 4 years. You understand my agony, right? Poor little me, can’t function because she doesn’t know which amazing place she’s going to live in. My life sucks.

^I hope you sense that my words are dripping with irony.

It won’t be long before I start posting more regularly. I promise! Anyways, thanks for bearing with me.

– Nora


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