Frogner, Fashion, and Thoughts on Blogging

I consider myself a very academic person. I love debating politics, the (more than often failing) economy, and controversial ideas. I become all giddy when I discuss matters that mean a lot to me.

However, I also love fashion. The world is not black and white. You can be interested in both politics and aesthetics. The Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, shows otherwise, but that is beside the point. Just because I like to dress well, and follow probably 100 high fashion and bloggers on instagram, does not mean that I am an airhead. The media (yes that large ominous group called “The Media”) is constantly portraying women as either one or the other. Either you are slightly overweight, poorly dressed, and smart, or you are tall, skinny, bitchy, and stupid. This is not okay.

Why do I sometimes feel embarrassed about writing and talking about fashion? WHY?! I realize how hypocritical I sound when I say this. Did you know that I almost didn’t put “running my own blog” on the Activities list on the Common Application for US colleges? I was worried about appearing shallow and superficial.

The media is not the only thing that needs reform; my thoughts also need it. In view of International Women’s Day coming up on the 8th of March, I have actively decided to embrace all sides of myself. The more we are interested in, the more interesting we become. Don’t you agree?


Despite the freezing weather I decided to wear a Helmut Lang skirt and t-shirt for a day of cafés in Oslo with my mom. To stay warm I wore a cardigan and a leather jacket. I’m in love with this skirt because the high waist is accentuated by the cinched fabric. Also, the leather trim is a very interesting and eye-catching detail. Although the skirt is made of a jersey fabric, this summer/fall skirt really suits the winter as well. MN_PIC2-3MN_PIC32Aren’t these gloves the cutest?MN_PIC14When you see the detail… Brilliantly done by my mom:MN_PIC13We ate at Kolonihagen, a cafe in Frogner that only uses organic ingredients. We both had beetroot soup with sour cream and roasted nuts. So healthy and delicious.MN_PIC15 MN_PIC16MN_PIC9This cuff really adds something extra to the otherwise simple black outfit.MN_PIC11MN_PIC4-2MN_PIC25Venturing into the cold streets of Oslo.MN_PIC26MN_PIC34After a while I couldn’t stand the cold anymore, so I had to change scarves. This light blue FWSS scarf is perfect for covering up your entire neck area (and also you’re head if you ever forget a hat!). 

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! All credit goes to my mom, Marianne Nord.

So my message to all of my readers today is to embrace your passion. Indulge in your egos every once in a while. Pursue your goals, whatever they may be, and don’t let anyone judge you for it.


5 thoughts on “Frogner, Fashion, and Thoughts on Blogging

    • Nora Nord

      I’m a huge fan of Balmain’s creative director Olivier Rousteing! He wears leather pants like no other man can, plus he is super talented. I also really like Shaun Ross, a trending albino male model. Both these men really embody the youth and creativity of today :)

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