New York Escape (Day 2)

This was by FAR the coolest day of my entire stay in New York. It was Daniel’s 20th birthday, so we were all in a celebratory mood. DSCF5082DSCF5083 DSCF5084 DSCF5086Lets just ignore that the waiter completely blurred the picture below! Its the thought that counts. Oh, and we had prosecco for lunch. Not bad, not bad ;)2014-02-15 16.22.48DSCF5088This was the one picture I got at the beau marchais. Unfortunately my camera works really poorly in dim light, so I was unable to get any good pictures from the night. I don’t really mind though because the memory is so clearly etched in my mind. It was absolutely amazing there. One of the gay guys sitting next to me on the plane has lived in New York for a year and recommended this place. He said that is was the type of place that turns into people dancing on tables. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed when we first got there because this luxurious french restaurant could never become like that. I couldn’t have been more wrong!!! After an amazing meal (to be honest the best duck I have EVER had) and a few cocktails such as this cucumber lemonade as seen above, the DJ started playing faster music. Models and photographers streamed in to buy drinks at the bar and the tables started filling up. We arrived at 8, so naturally the place wasn’t as busy then. At 11 it was a complete party! I even danced on the couch we had been sitting in! At one of the tables close to us they ordered a huge “fish bowl” basically lots of alcohol. I asked our somewhat tipsy waiter what is cost. $500, he said! Thats over 3000 kr!  DSCF50922014-02-16 00.22.58To end with possibly the best picture of the trip :) Thanks Daniel, Natacha, Ash, and Alex for making this trip to New York so amazing. I can’t wait to see you again!


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