New York Escape (Day 1)

This has been a pretty big weekend for me. I flew to New York to surprise Daniel and celebrate his 20th birthday on Saturday, February 15th. What a weekend, oh my gosh I can’t even begin to describe it. There is a reason that New York is synonymous with dreams, because anything is really possible there. And everything IS there! Where else do you find a hippy Tibetan clothing shop, or a place that just sells fancy desserts and port wines?

Unfortunately Daniel wasn’t so surprised to see me, but this didn’t really come as a shock because hello- this is Daniel I’m talking about. He is very sharp and picks up on things easily, so when the bus on thursday got cancelled and Ash bought him a train ticket, he started getting suspicious. I have to say though, Daniel knowing or strongly suspecting the surprise did not in any way affect or decrease the quality of the trip. I have honestly not felt so at home in ages.2014-02-14 16.30.49DSCF5018I had underestimated the New York weather, so even wearing this wool coat I was freezing. However, I was super happy about being able to air my new Stella McCartney bag, so screw the cold!    DSCF5024DSCF5025Living on Wall Street definitely has its perks. These beautiful old pubs were just scattered around the streets.DSCF5027DSCF5032Daniel got his shoes shined on Wall Street. I could almost smell the history of bankers who had come before us to get their shoes shined here…DSCF5036On Friday ( Valentines Day) I brought Daniel to my favorite restaurant in New York for lunch, The Breslin. The restaurant is part of the Ace Hotel in midtown. The Breslin is just so incredibly cool! Think leather couches, hipster waitresses, delicious cocktails, even better food, and the weirdest decor you can imagine. I’m not kidding when I say there must be 100 cows and animal statues/ symbols ornamenting the place. If you ever go, make sure you try the “Seafood Sausage” and “Spice Trade” cocktail (as shown below)gDuJkQISmT9qvDpQSUYA_thespicetradeAfter lunch we enjoyed a cup of New York’s finest coffee at the café adjacent/connected to the Ace Hotel. DSCF5041DSCF5048DSCF5055All bundled up!DSCF5056I met this labradoodle on the street and her owner kindly asked me if I wanted to pet it. Ah, I can’t get enough of doodles, they are the cutest puppies hands down. DSCF5058Washington Square Park. DSCF5060Daniel and his roommate, Ash at dinner at Cafe Whaa? The place looked super sketchy from the outside but downstairs there was an amazing band and lively music. DSCF5066DSCF5071Me an Natacha!       


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